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A super comfortable neckband that gives you 12hrs of PLAYtime with an unbelievable BASS level. Designed with an ergonomic fit and equipped with a sensitive HD microphone for all your calls on the go. Also access voice assistant just with a tap!

₹ 999 ₹ 1,999


Extremely Stylish, Ultra-lightweight Powerful 10mm EBEL Drivers  Music PLAY-time of approx. 14-Hours In-Ear Metal buds with ear-fin design Magnetic-Attach in around-the-neck

₹ 1,199 ₹ 1,999


Fast Charge, Ultra Sleek and Flexible, PLAYtime of 10+ Hours, EBEL Drivers, Bluetooth 5.0

₹ 1,999 ₹ 2,999


Ultra-light Wireless Neckband earphones with Bass Enhancing Dynamic Drivers, ENR (Environmental Noise Reductio), HD Sound,  BT5.0, IPX5, & 12-hour playtime.

₹ 1,799 ₹ 2,999


Active Noise Cancellation Wireless Neckband with Powerful 13mm EBEL (Enhanced Bass, Extra Loud) Drivers, HD Sound,  BT5.0, and IPX5 Water Resistant.

₹ 3,999 ₹ 4,999


Sleek, stylish, lightweight wireless earphones with enhanced bass, Bluetooth 5.0, and voice assistant integration.

₹ 899 ₹ 1,999


HD wireless earphones with enhanced bass, Bluetooth 5.0, magnetic lock, 20-hours playtime, and voice assistant integration.

₹ 2,499 ₹ 3,499
ABOUT Wireless Audio
Wired yet wireless. Stay unrestricted on the go.

Be it a long run, a heavy workout or just someone who works for those long hours on a laptop, this is the perfect pit stop for you. All the products from our Neckband catalogue deliver high quality sounds to keep your vibe going. Some of them are inbuilt with EBEL drives and ANC technology, to enhance your listening experience. Additionally PLAYGO Neckband models have magnets on the outer cups to keep them from falling off when you're not using them. The earbuds are excessively comfortable and fit snugly into the ear canals.
These neckbands are a blessing for sports lovers and also those who are frequent travellers who need music to kill their boredom for a long duration. PLAYGO Neckbands have soft silicone material that doesn't irritate your skin and a special element added to the earbuds that helps them fit better in your ears.
Why Neckbands?
Wireless neckband earphones are one of the hottest accessories in the market right now. Neckband earphones, as opposed to on-ear headphones, are a good choice if you don't have a pocket because they can be worn around the neck and give you an edgy look all the time. Manufacturers have been trying to take a step forward with their revolutionary designs as demand for Bluetooth earphones has increased over the last couple of years. So they set out to create a device that is small, simple to carry and wear, and has a strong battery backup.
... As a result, we've come up with a few fantastic models that have made our lives much easier. Aside from the technical advantages, these are definitely trendy to wear and can significantly increase your style quotient. Moving away from traditional earphones may seem risky, but once you find one that you like, you may find it very comfortable.
They won't fall off your head like other designs, and they won't bind you to your phone. So, if you're out for a run, working out, travelling by bus or train, or simply taking a solitary minute to listen to some great music or take that important call, all you need is that perfect earphone around your neck.
If you've ever used wired earphones, you've most likely experienced cable tangling. That's where earphones with a neckband come in handy. Even in the middle of your everyday tasks or formal meetings, the good fit and premium sound are enough to make you feel cheerful at the end of the day.
Music increases a person's stamina during a workout and helps to keep the workout optimistic throughout. The exercise follows the pace of the music and is in line with it. As a result, a good music headset is needed for a good workout session A well paced music helps us stay in control and contributes to a successful workout or running session by distracting us from our exhaustion. If you listen to the right music when working out, you can have a high-intensity workout and feel less exhausted. It encourages you to test your limits and maintain a healthy body and mind.
You'd like your neckband to be reasonably priced while also offering excellent sound quality. It should be completely worth the money you pay . At this price, PLAYGO neckbands are best in the market and provide an immersive music experience.
However, if you look closely at the design, you'll notice that our Neckbands have some incredible features:

A long playback time allows you to dance all day to your favourite songs. As a result, you can get your musical treat whenever and wherever you want.
A neckband is ideal for fitness lovers because it allows you to listen to your music while doing heavy workouts. Don't bother about sweating! Your neckband will go wherever you go
Via an integrated microphone, you can have a clear and loud conversation with your loved ones, providing a secure conversation as good as face to face.
With controls on your neck that can be adjusted with your fingertips, the Bluetooth neckband provides a hands-free experience. The neckband earphones allow you to manage and monitor your day-to-day activities with Siri and Google Assistant while doing your daily routines, giving you a completely hands-free experience.
Neckband earphones can twist and turn with your movements, making them adaptable to any situation or mood.
Neckband earphones eliminate the mess of wires and have a good built that can be worn around the neck for calling or listening to music. The snug fit reduces the possibility of falling off.
In brief, neckband earphones enhance your look by coming in a variety of bold and classy colours that go with every outfit. With a stylish neckband earphone, you can achieve any look, whether it's a gym look, a formal look, or a casual look.

PlayGo App
PlayGo App
PlayGo App
Enjoy Music on-the-go with PLAYGO APP

Auto Play & Pause Customize your app to pause music automatically when you take off your headset and resume when you put it on again.


Control noise cancellation on your PLAYGO headset by choosing from the two modes available on the PLAYGO APP.

Transparent Mode

Capture ambience sound by turning on the Transparent Mode on the app and turn off noise cancellation by cupping the left side of your headset.


Get total control of your music with the inbuilt equaliser that lets you customise your listening experience basis your hearing profile.

Flight Mode

Designed for in-flight sleep, if the Flight Mode is enabled on the app and no music is playing, the headset won’t automatically switch off.

Hearing Curve Test

Get our own Golden Hearing Curve, by running the AI algorithm on the App.