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Karaoke Bluetooth Speaker with LED display, PLAYtime of 7 hours, In-Build FM radio and Easily portable with strap option. 

₹ 2,499 ₹ 3,999


Active Noise Cancellation, PLAYtime of 30+ Hours, EBEL Drivers, Dual Connectivity, Bluetooth 5.0

₹ 5,999 ₹ 6,999


Sleek and foldable design, Dual Equalizer, PLAY-time of 35+ Hours, EBEL Drivers, Dual Connectivity and EBEL Drivers

₹ 1,999 ₹ 2,999


Wireless noise-canceling headphones with AptX, AI-powered Hearing Optimization, Smart Touch & Talk, and Transparency Mode.

₹ 14,999 ₹ 24,999
ABOUT Wireless Audio
High on Bass. Heavier on comfort.

Enter a world of versatility with the PLAYGO Headphone that isn’t just bold and classy in design, but is also unmatched when it comes to listening experience. Geared up with the latest technology, ANC, HD sound quality, voice assistant integration, and lasting battery life to give you top notch audio at all times. Let our headphones lead the musical way for you!
Having the best bass headphones becomes all the more important to enjoy an excellent music experience, especially now that everyone has been working from home for almost a year and OTT platforms are constantly releasing new and interesting material. In many ways, headphones are closely connected to our lives. It helps us to disconnect from the outside world for a period of time, which is necessary for ensuring self comfort and peace. Be it running, working, travelling, reading, or even sleeping, we've always needed headphones with us. The idea is that the right headphones will improve your quality of life!
... The fact that Bluetooth headphones are wireless is the most compelling reason to purchase them. It allows you to be cord-free and hands-free, giving you the necessary freedom! You no longer have to be worried with the earbuds slipping out of your ears when the cable comes into contact with your clothes or if you inadvertently touch the cable while doing your job. With technical progress, several advancements occur on a regular basis, and everyone must be technologically savvy.
Connections would drop out in the early days of Bluetooth headphones, pairing was a hassle, they were ridiculously costly, output was inconsistent, and audio quality was the musical equivalent of the old tin can telephone you made as a child. However, the times have changed. Nowadays, pairing is often as easy as it gets. With Bluetooth 5.0 being available, it offers twice the coverage distance and four-times the speed.
One of the most significant advantages of good headphones is the ability to concentrate on the work you're doing. You'd obviously prefer not being interrupted by excessive noise while you're studying, reading, or doing other work. Headphones also allow you to listen to whatever you're listening to as loudly as you like without disrupting others.
Almost everyone has also spent a lot of money on various devices that provide excellent sound quality, but if we don't do the same with this final step of our process, our experience will inevitably fall short of our requirements. Hence why you should consider investing in a pair of good headphones, which PLAYGO vows to deliver along with excellent sound and a range of added features.
Headphones at PLAYGO are also designed with ANC feature which is considered a necessity nowadays. If you want to listen to a podcast, listen to your favourite song, or simply shut out the noise to enjoy your ride in silence, our headphones with active noise cancellation (ANC) can get you there. The use of active noise cancellation (ANC) on your headphones can drain your battery faster. So, if you don't like a lot of noise on a long trip, you can turn off ANC to conserve battery life.
Regardless, the PLAYGO BH70 noise-cancelling headphones can comfortably provide 30 hours of playback, which is more than enough for an entire day at the office, many trips to the gym, or endless laps around the block.
What about durability? Wireless headphones have a lot of advantages, such as durability and excellent features. PLAYGO wireless headphones offer double the range of coverage, making them ideal for everyday use. It's not even difficult to pair these headphones with a smartphone. You can connect your headphones to your phone, tablet, or laptop in just a few simple steps.
Why PLAYGO headphones? The high definition sound quality ensures that you never miss a beat and that you get the most out of the music! The dynamic bass drivers in our headsets have an incredible audio delivering quality. As a result, your favourite songs would have a punchy bass! Never have to worry about a dead battery killing your vibe because they come with audio playback of 30hrs and 24hrs with ANC.
There are a number of factors why purchasing a PLAYGO wireless headphones is a wise decision. Consider the convenience of not having to contend with tangled wire in your bag's bottom. Feel free to walk around, turn off the background noise, keep your workout going, and appreciate the high-quality sound with the inbuilt EBEL driver along with never ending battery life and crystal clear audio!
With some of the wide range of wireless headphones available, the best thing is that you don't have to get rid of your old wired headphones even if you go ahead with the PLAYGO Bluetooth headphones. The question isn't so much why you should buy wireless as it is why you shouldn't.

PlayGo App
PlayGo App
PlayGo App
Enjoy Music on-the-go with PLAYGO APP

Auto Play & Pause Customize your app to pause music automatically when you take off your headset and resume when you put it on again.


Control noise cancellation on your PLAYGO headset by choosing from the two modes available on the PLAYGO APP.

Transparent Mode

Capture ambience sound by turning on the Transparent Mode on the app and turn off noise cancellation by cupping the left side of your headset.


Get total control of your music with the inbuilt equaliser that lets you customise your listening experience basis your hearing profile.

Flight Mode

Designed for in-flight sleep, if the Flight Mode is enabled on the app and no music is playing, the headset won’t automatically switch off.

Hearing Curve Test

Get our own Golden Hearing Curve, by running the AI algorithm on the App.