Strengthen your Core with Good Running Earphones

By Hamish Patel Jul 26, 2020

Running is the most beneficial and easiest cardio. But, do you run daily? If you are not getting motivated enough, you can always improve your performance using earphones. Listening to your favourite music or podcast host can trick your mind to feel less tired, especially with repetitive exercises, such as running. And, you wouldn’t want wires to come in between, now, would you? Even though wireless headphones are all the rage, not all can survive through tough conditions and nor are all comfortable. Before enjoying your retail therapy in shopping for running earphones, it won’t hurt to know a few more specifications in advance.

Running earphones: All you Need to Know

When it comes to wireless running earphones, irrespective of the price, there are other factors that you need to consider, such as:

1.   A Secure Fit Matters

Imagine, you are out for a run with your running (ear)buds and suddenly one of the buds comes out of your ear. This is bound to happen as the fit is not right and it will be a never-ending problem unless you change your earphones. The fact is not everyone’s ear canals are of the same size, and what fits your mate, may not fit you. Wouldn’t it be better if you already knew what fit would be best before you open the package?

We suggest you go for in-ear headphones by World of PLAY. Both of our in-ear headphones – PLAYGO N20 and PLAYGO N23 are super comfy and they gently slide into your ear canals. We designed them in such a manner that they stay intact, no matter how much you tilt your head in different directions. If you didn’t know, the standard AirPods fall out while running, for which they came up with the super expensive successor, the AirPods Pro. Our neckband in-ear headphones are a much economical solution then, don’t you think?

2.    What ‘bout Sweat?

Sweating is inevitable while running, as all your muscles get active. But, it can damage your earphones in the long run. This is why our flagship models come with sweat-proof neckbands. They stick to your neck comfortably, as they are extremely lightweight. More on the plus side, their backs come with magnetic tips that stick to each other after you take them off. Not only can you forget about sweat while running with them but also be less bothered when they are not in your ears.

Strengthen your Core with Good Running Earphones

3.    A Powerful Battery is Life

You will find a variety of running earphones in the market. The reason why we earlier mentioned about the price was that not all of the pricier running earphones come with great battery life. One example is the Jaybird Vista earphones. These come with the exceptional build quality, but there is a compromise on the battery life offering only 10 hours.

Now, our PLAYGO N23, the battery life is 20 hours and they can stay in the Standby mode for over 20 days – all with a single charging time of 2 hours. These come with a dual battery of 180*2mAh. Despite the jaw-dropping low prices of our headphones, you can make the most of them.

4.    Do your Wireless Running Earphones STILL Need your Fingers?

It won’t matter if you get the best wireless headphones/earphones for running and you still have to fiddle with the tiny buttons on the side to switch music or take calls. You will still get distracted while running. So, do check if the running earphones allow voice activation.

Our high-tech earphones feature a Voice Assistant for Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa. Switch to a different album when you can’t find the right music for running by simply saying it out. All you have to do is just press the Multifunctional button for a second or two for activating the integrated Voice Assistant.

Choose the Best Running Earphones & Take your Cardio to the Next Level

As you can now see, these above mentioned factors are more than essential to know. Once you own a good pair of running earphones, all your exertion will seem like a breeze. Do check out our in-ear headphones and see the difference in how effective your running gets.

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