Lockdown 2020: Erratic Sleep Patterns that Meddle with your Health

By amrit shergill Jul 26, 2020

The stay-at-home situation is just extending. Myriad psychological and physiological problems are on the rise. Erratic work hours are also taking a heavy toll. What is largely going unnoticed in this self-isolated humdrum is the sleep cycle. Recent studies are now proving how the lockdown days due to coronavirus cause sleep patterns to disrupt naturally. With no commuting exhaustion, the body can’t bring itself to rest even while sleeping. Enjoying deep sleep seems to be out of the healthy body equation completely. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Lockdown due to Coronavirus Cause Sleep Patterns to go Haywire Globally

Just like most parts of the world, the impact of coronavirus in India is far more than alarming. Here are some common issues that many are facing during quarantine:

1. Anxiety

Constant COVID-19 alerts and maximized screen times are the roots of anxiety among people. So much so, it is haunting their dreams. Director of Advanced Sleep Disorder Institute, Dr M. S. Kanwar from New Delhi believes this is among the major reasons for sleep disturbances everywhere in the world.

2. Not maintaining a proper sleep routine

A study by Wakefit, a mattress solutions company in Bengaluru, showed that about 35% of people have started going to sleep after midnight after the quarantine started which was 25% during pre-lockdown stage. This study based on 1500 Indian individuals also showed that 67% have changed their regular sleep patterns.

Start with going to bed and waking up at regular times. Psychological therapist, Urvashi Bisht, believes that if one changes the sleep routine, the circadian rhythm (internal body clock) is disrupted. As a result, you feel groggy throughout the day. It will be better if you stick to a regular routine.

3. Not realizing nighttime by avoiding sunlight

Since you are stuck at home and not even going out, the internal clock is not able to identify day and night. The body releases the hormone melatonin after darkness falls. This hormone slowly drives you to sleep by making you less alert.

But now, as you are stuck at home without sunlight, the body gets confused when to release the sleep-inducing hormone. Consequently, the mind is awake even when you sleep. Founder of Chennai’s Nithra Institute of Sleep Sciences, Dr N. Ramakrishnan suggests that doing away with using laptops and smartphones in bed will help you sleep better. To watch your favourite show, sit on a chair.

Coronavirus cause sleep patterns to interfere with your health: how to deal with it

If you are not getting ample nighttime sleep, let us suggest how our state-of-the-art wearables can help:

  • Monitor your Sleep Cycle

Our PLAYFIT SW75 fitness tracker comes with advanced features. It can identify your different sleep patterns and the different sleep stages. It will measure how well you slept in the first stages of your light sleep. This is when your heartbeats haven’t slowed down yet. This fitness tracker comes with 24-hour heart rate monitoring. If you have any sleep disorder, your heart rate will be higher and the wearable will show you.

coronavirus cause  sleep patterns

Use the PLAYFIT SW75 to better monitor sleep patterns 

Following your light sleep, you have a deep sleep time when the heartbeat slows down. This recharges your body for the next day by cleaning all the body toxins. If you don’t get proper deep sleep, you will feel disoriented the next day. By letting you know if you slept well, the fitness tracker will give you a detailed breakdown of your light and deep sleep cycles.

  • Let you Wake Up at Regular Hours

All of our fitness trackers come with an alarm. You can maintain a regular cycle better by wearing them when going to sleep. The PLAYFIT app will then regularly monitor your waking times after each alarm. It will also let you know if your sleep and heart rate is getting better.

Let not Coronavirus Cause Sleep Patterns to Disrupt Anymore

Now you know the main aspects causing you to sleep inefficiently. Sport a fitness tracker and take charge of your sleep cycle right away.

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