6 reasons why it’s time for you to go wireless

By Krutika Lal May 28, 2021
You would want to make sure you invest in the right style of headphones because a decent pair will last you years if you take careful care of them. When it comes to purchasing a new pair of headphones, one of the most common concerns is whether to go with wireless Bluetooth or a wired one. Both have their advantages, and depending on how you want to use your headphones, one or the other could be the better choice.
Wireless headphones are becoming more common in the headphones we review. Wireless headphones, unlike standard wired headphones, can connect to your gadgets, such as your phone, without the use of a wire.

The new slogan of every wireless headset around is "be wire-free!" The wireless trend has swept the earphone and headphone industry, but you haven't really seen this wonder until you've gone fully wireless.
Do you need us to persuade you to give up your wired (or not so wired) earphones? We'll show you not one but six compelling reasons to go wireless.

Enjoy the freedom

With the latest generation of smartphone and no analogue port, there are no twisted headphone cables, no need to take your mobile with you when you walk around the house, no unintentionally pulling your headphone cable out or dropping your phone off the table, and no safety problems. While some earphones may have a tangle-free cable, still the best way to prevent tangles is to get rid of the cable altogether and go wireless.

Better Connectivity and sound quality

Connectivity would be cut out in the early days of Bluetooth headphones, pairing was a nightmare, they were ridiculously costly, streaming was unstable, and sound quality was really average. However, the times have changed. Bluetooth 5.0 has arrived, promising a four-fold increase in throughput and a two-fold increase in coverage distance.
Wireless connection's efficiency and consistency are as fantastic as they've ever been. True wireless connection stability is steadily increasing, and more firms are requiring a separate connection from a smartphone to each earbud in order to reduce connection disruptions and delays.

Battery Life

Depending on the pair you buy, the battery life of PLAYGO Bluetooth headphones can reach 24 hours (with ANC) and 30 hours (without ANC). On a single charge, PLAYGO wireless earphones provide 16-20 hours of playtime.
Regardless, most headphones can play music for a whole day at the office, many trips to the gym, or numerous rounds of jogging. Additionally, if the battery dies, the wireless headphones may be simply connected with a cable.

Easy to carry and easy to use

Even if you're going for a run or doing a handstand, these earbuds stay in place comfortably and don't get in the way. You also can take them with you on a trip or in a professional setting.
Most of the time, we're rushing to get somewhere. Your wired headset is slid into your luggage. You pull it out later, also with a few other things that have become entangled in its wire, when you need it. Wireless headphones or earphones, unlike the case described above, do not become tangled with anything. As a result, you can simply put them in the case and stay on the move.

Noise cancellation or reduction feature

Noise cancellation or noise reduction is one of the major benefits of wireless headphones. Many disturbances in the environment cause people to be distracted. This irritates them, and they are unable to listen to music with their ordinary headphones as a result. Wireless headphones have the distinct feature of filtering the sound of their surroundings.

More than listening

Wireless earbuds can be paired with a variety of devices, including phones, tablets, computers, televisions and more. This means you may use the Bluetooth headphones to listen to your favourite shows on your TV or PC. You can enjoy your programmes without disturbing the other individuals in the room

Wireless headphones are undeniably useful in social situations. Users, such as artists, are aware of the significance and benefits of wireless headphones. Wireless headphones are known for providing a comfortable fit as well as high-quality sound without any background noise.
Wireless headphones are an efficient and modern device that deliver the highest quality according to the user's needs.

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