Fitness Band


An advanced fitness band with touchscreen, 24X7 heart rate monitoring, calorie & sleep tracking, 14 sports modes, and Bluetooth.

₹ 3,499 ₹ 3,999


A comfy, waterproof, smart fitness tracker with color display, 24x7 heart rate monitoring, calorie & sleep tracking, 14
sports modes

₹ 2,499 ₹ 2,999
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Some goals are meant to be tracked.

Well you can call us the fitness stalkers too. Every step you take, we know it. Every time you train, we’ll tell you the calories you burnt. Our sleep tracker helps you keep your sleep cycle in line with your requirement. With water resistance and 14 sports mode we could come off as clingy, but we’ve got your back.
Digital technology and wearable technology have resulted in a modern era of health and wellness. Fitness trackers have sparked an increase in fitness activity all over the world, with the industry exploding in the last decade.
Each one of us set fitness goals for ourselves, and in order to reach them, we alter our everyday routines. It might be as simple as incorporating more veggies into our diet or going for a walk or jog. A variety of fitness monitoring systems are available to help you keep track of your everyday activities. Fitness trackers and fitness bands are the most widely used gadgets. Some people enjoy using them as phone accessories, while others are on the lookout for the perfect one. A fitness tracker can assist in keeping a track of one's activities. It aids in the setting of health objectives such as achieving a simple daily exercise activity target or burning a certain amount of calories per day. For example, most people walk 3000 to 4000 steps every day, but health experts agree that if you walk 10,000 steps per day and watch what you eat, you will lose one pound a week. And using a Fitness tracker will help you keep hit that target and keep you on track at all times.

... Why PLAYFIT fitness tracker?
Monitoring the heart rate during exercise will reveal whether you're in a fat-burning or peak region, and the PLAYFIT tracker makes it easy to do so. The best thing about wearing a PLAYFIT is that the companion app will monitor your heart rate every day and show you how it has increased or decreased over time. One of the best aspects of wearing a fitness tracker is being aware of your activity levels. Users can conveniently control their everyday activity by wearing a fitness tracker. PLAYFIT trackers will automatically set your goals, track your calories burned, steps taken, heart rate, and sleeping habits, and wirelessly link them all to the device so they're available anytime you want to check your progress.

It's not just about food and exercise when it comes to overall well being. The amount of sleep you get every day is really important and it is the biggest factor when it comes to exercising. Your sleep and stress levels are also important, which is why tracking that information is so beneficial.
Sleep is an essential component of your health, and it can vary according to how you're maintaining your fitness level and working out hard. With PLAYFIT fitness tracker on your wrist you’ll see exactly how well you sleep.
Even when it comes to developing a healthy lifestyle, everybody has bad days. This is where fitness trackers come into action. If you're already a frequent trainer, there's good news: wearing a fitness tracker will help you stay motivated. Staying in line and tracking your fitness can improve adherence to a fitness program.
Using PLAYFIT to test your stamina and optimum performance levels can be a fantastic way to do so. Heart rate monitors have an exceptional accuracy rate, which can help track improvement and aid in high-intensity workouts. This is just one of the many advantages of wearing a fitness tracker during your workout.
PLAYFIT can track a variety of activities in addition to walking and running, such as hiking, biking, and yoga (14 sports mode). Many of these activities are included in your everyday routine.
Not only that, but the band can also be synced with smartphones. You will be alerted when you receive calls, text messages, or even social media updates using this function.
Also, PLAYFIT has been developed keeping modern users in mind. They go with every outfit and style. You'll undoubtedly be ahead of the curve with these around your wrists.
In conclusion, a fitness tracker's benefits are only understood if you use it. Choose the one that best fits your needs from our range. You must also use the model to monitor the data and enhance your actions. Set attainable goals. Start with 2000 steps per day and gradually increase by 1000 steps per day for two weeks. Long-term objectives should also be set. For example, suppose your long-term plan could be to walk 10,000 steps a day, or five miles a week, five days a week.


Discover a healthier you with

Be Alarmed

The APP allows you to set multiple alarms that ensure you are always on time.

Won’t let you be lazy

Customize your APP to alert you when you are inactive for too long.

DND Mode

Don’t want to be disturbed? Don’t worry. Simply set custom duration where you don’t want to receive any notification or alerts on your PLAYFIT device.

Choose your notifications

Among a list of APPs, pick the APPs you want to be alerted for on you PLAYFIT device and always stay updated.

Set Goals. Achieve Them.

Set your target weight, sports rate and your sleep rate and know your weekly, bi-weekly and monthly process towards them.

Heart Rate

Understand how your daily activities affect your heart rate by knowing your resting, lowest and your highest Heart Rate.