Be More Productive With World of PLAY’s Bluetooth Headphones

By Hamish Patel Aug 26, 2020

Every workplace environment is inescapably noisy. A co-worker chit chatting beside you can distract at a crucial time. Let’s face it, you don’t want to be rude telling him/her to be quiet whenever you are in that productive zone. What if you can minimise such daily interruptions at work? If not entirely, noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones can help maintain your flow. Today, we are going to point out what you need to look for when you are going for a pair to use at your office.

Bluetooth Headphones: How PLAYGO BH70 Can Eliminate Distractions for Your Work’s Productivity

Getting your hands on Bluetooth headphones can be a tough call. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can go for World of PLAY’s PLAYGO BH70 headset. The pair has many advantages over other noise cancelling pairs in the market. Let’s see how:

1. Hybrid ANC

Not all active noise cancelling headphones can block out all sorts of ambient noise. Some have internal microphones to block out noise, while some have external ones. Both of these hamper the sound when blocking noise and the listening experience is not that great.

Hybrid active noise cancelling headsets have both and that’s why they are considered the best in the segment. The PLAYGO BH70 headset comes with four microphones that are placed internally and externally. While they measure and block ambient noise at all frequencies, the sound is optimal. To top it all, the pads further shield the clatter beside you.

So when you use them, you don’t have to keep increasing or decreasing the volume of the music every time there is an uproar at the office. The microphones will stop noise from entering your ears. With your favourite music on, you will certainly be able to concentrate on your work better.

2. AI Algorithm

This is one unique feature of the headphones. One thing is understood - if you are listening to music to focus on your work, the sound should be immersive. This pair comes equipped with an AI algorithm. It detects the frequencies you can’t hear properly and optimises them. In this way, you hear all the frequencies clearly. Try these with meditative music and no matter, what streaming platform you use, you will experience a rich audio output.

3. CVC Microphone Technology

Have you ever wondered if the Bluetooth headphones’ calling mic can remove the external noise? Well, this is a problem with many where the microphone used for speaking does not filter out noise. As a result, there is no clarity in your voice and the person at the other end is not able to hear you. Having a good microphone is essential when you are calling your clients. You don’t want the client to hear your co-worker talking loudly near you, right?

The PLAYGO BH70’s speaking mic is equipped with CVC technology. This technology filters out the external noise completely when you are communicating over a call. It isolates the noise up to 30dB near you so that you hear and speak without any ambient sound.

4. Ergonomic Design

One of the most essential aspects you should consider while going for wireless Bluetooth headphones is the comfort. With uncomfortable headphones, a prolonged wear time (9 to 10 hours) can create ear fatigue. This can hamper your productivity even more.

The PLAYGO BH70 headset is designed to be sported for longer hours. The premium materials used for the headband and the ear cups make the headphones feel lighter. The headset can even withstand sweat. If over-the-ear headphones are not your thing, you can always try the in-ear neckband headphones by World of PLAY. They are very comfortable and don’t fall off that easy.

5. Auto Pause and Play

Suppose, you are listening to your favourite music and suddenly you have to have a word with your senior at work. Won’t it be just great when your headphones automatically pause the music!

The PLAYGO BH70 headset does that. Whenever you have to take them off, you don’t have to reach to your phone or laptop to pause the music. The sensors inside the headphones do that. Even when you put them on again, the music starts exactly where you have left.

Should You Go for Bluetooth Headphones While at Work?

With such amazing features of PLAYGO BH70 headphones, you will enjoy working without any distraction at your office. These are among the best Bluetooth headphones in India in a shocking price range that other pairs aren’t able to deliver the best of all worlds.

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