All You Need to Know About PLAYGO N23 Wireless Earphone Model

By Hamish Patel Aug 31, 2020

From hands-free calling and listening to music, a wireless earphone pair is an accessory nobody can do without. But, it is more useful when the functions are easy to use and if the pair is comfortable to wear. World of PLAY’s PLAYGO N23 Bluetooth earphones takes it up a notch with the comfortable design. If you haven’t used these awesome in-ear Bluetooth headphones yet, you have come to the right place! 

Wireless earphone: How the PLAYGO N23 pair is very easy to use

1. The Comfy Neckband

The PLAYGO N23 wireless headphones come with a brilliant neckband that sits perfectly on the neck. This becomes easy for you to sport them when you go for a morning run. These are also great when it comes to keeping them on your neck for hours on an end. These are totally sweatproof with the standard IPX4 rating.

2. Magnetic Cups

The magnetic backs on the earplugs are a fine addition. This really helps when you are not wearing them constantly. They can be attached to each other when you take them out of your ears.

The magnets are strong and there is no chance of them falling down when they are attached.

3. Superb in-Ear Design

Most folks have an issue with the in-ear design of earphones. Sometimes they are too big and putting them inside the ears can become painful. These wireless earphones, on the other hand, go in gently for most ear types. They are never too tight nor too loose to wear. 

4. Fluid User Controls

With many Bluetooth headphones out there, you may notice the controls are difficult to operate. You need to figure out different key combinations to attend or reject calls.

With the PLAYGO N23 you wouldn’t have to face any trouble with the controls. All the controls are on the wire that is attached to the neckband. You can control the volume of your music without having to reach out to your smartphone.

The multifunction key is of great use to answer and even reject calls. If you press it once, you can answer a call. By pressing it for more than a second, you can deny an incoming call. And if you want to redial, just double click on it.

The same multifunction key can be used to activate the voice assistant. All you have to do is to press it for one or two seconds.

Wireless Earphone: Why PLAYGO N23 is the Best Bluetooth Pair With a Mic

Not all Bluetooth earphones come with the latest version. Once you pair the PLAYGO N23 to your smartphone, you can hear the same audio output when you move to a distance of 10m. The connection won’t disappear, nor would you face any audio lag. Thanks to its Bluetooth 5.0 version.

Even its battery life is simply exceptional, which gets you 20 hours of playback with a single charge. The microphone’s output remains the same until 5% of battery left. So you can use these to your heart’s content without thinking about charging every few hours or so.

Wireless Earphone: Get the Coolest Looking Neckband

With the pair’s extraordinary looks and comfortable functions, it offers an enhanced listening and calling experience. In this price range, it can be safely assumed that these are the best wireless earphones available today.

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