Why PLAYGO N23 Bluetooth Headphones Will Make You an Audiophile

By Hamish Patel Aug 26, 2020

There is more to choosing Bluetooth headphones than a simple hands-free experience. You can’t leave out the audio quality. You also know, not every pair can give you your desired sound. Even when you are not an audiophile, you can always sense or judge if the lows and highs are balanced enough. But if you haven’t been able to settle on one yet, the PLAYGO N23 in-ear neckband headphones may just be what you are looking for! In our (very humble) opinion, these neckband headsets add to an improved audio experience,  for every purpose.

Bluetooth Headphones: Features of PLAYGO N23 in-ear Neckband Headset

1. Dual Speakers

The dual speakers of these in-ear Bluetooth headphones make them great listening devices. They split the bass and treble frequencies so that there is a fine distinction in the sound. Without two speakers inside the earplugs, the trebles sound mushy and can make you dislike your favourite songs.

With dual EBEL Drivers (Enhanced Bass Extra Loud) in PLAYGO N23, there is less digital distortion in the sound. You also get better clarity. This is applicable to the music and podcasts, as well as to the calls you make. As a result, your communication with these wireless earphones is always going to be better.

2.  No Audio Latency While Watching Videos

This is one dreaded characteristic of Bluetooth headphones. Users have faced serious latency issues with poor connectivity when they watch videos on their smart devices.  

But, you don’t need to worry about that with the PLAYGO N23 in-ear headphones. These come with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 version. Not to say, it resolves the audio and video lag completely. It compensates through the audio-video (A/V) sync. This was not possible with many headsets using the previous versions of Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Headphones: Features of PLAYGO N23 in-ear Neckband Headset

3. Go Binaural

Binaural recordings make you hear the sound as if you are listening in real-time. You feel like you are in the middle of a performance where certain sounds are near and far simultaneously.

With these Bluetooth headphones, you can experience that as well. Certain games, TV shows and some music records come with a binaural mix.

You can hear them clearly with the PLAYGO N23 set and enjoy an immersive experience without having to switch to a high-end earphone model.

4.  Prolonged Listening and Calling

The high power battery of these wireless earphones allows you to listen to music for more than 20 hours at a stretch. To charge them, you only need two hours. Even though you will not listen for such a long time continuously, you can at least rely on a high definition sound for a long time with a single charge.

Bluetooth Headphones: Choose PLAYGO N23 and Enjoy High Quality Sound Forever

The Bluetooth 5.0 PLAYGO N23 headphones are what you need for that preferred high definition sound. The dual speakers, powerful battery and the recent Bluetooth update do make them the best wireless earphones in the price range.

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