A Smartwatch Comparison: Finding your Ideal Wrist Companion

By Kartikeya Rokde Sep 01, 2020

Smoother wireless synchronisation and increased health awareness drive the current smartwatch consumer market. With real-time monitoring capabilities allowing users to enjoy more controls, wearables today have become better than their bulkier predecessors. It is just that not all the futuristic mini-computers may serve the same purpose for every individual. If you just want one to wear to your work every day, step count and pulse rate sensors are not always necessary. Getting a basic one with only notification alerts from calls, emails and messages will do. To give you a better direction when you choose to get one, we have compiled the quintessential smartwatch comparison list.

Smartwatch Comparison: The 4 Types

In the wearable consumer segment, there are 4 main types of smartwatches and they come packed with varied features. Check them out below:

1. Smartwatch With Only Notification Alerts

Considered as the next generation of the standard digital watch, it comes with a few customisable controls. All the music playback and notification alerts on the smartphone are transferred through Bluetooth. As it does not come with sensors tracking your heart rate, steps and sleep, you can enjoy a great battery backup. Moreover, the notification alerts don’t appear on the screen as detailed as on the advanced activity trackers. 

2. Advanced Fitness Tracker

An advanced fitness tracker functions more or less like a smartwatch for athletes. Our PLAYFIT 53 model is a fine example of this category. It comes with calls and message alerts along with showing you the time on its display. With it, you can also stay updated with your favourite social media apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

If you get this fitness band, you can monitor your heart health and sleep patterns on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Tracking all your daily exercises will not be difficult. The 14 different sport modes include biking, running and swimming, among others.

Our state-of-the-art fitness tracker also comes with a fine high-resolution display and the faster Bluetooth 4.2 version that consumes less battery. With a single charge of 2 hours, it will run for at least a week, with all the features on.

3. Standard Smartwatch

Most smartwatches of today come under this category. Installed with several features such as heart rate and step count monitors, they have sensitive touchscreens. Their display sizes are also slightly larger, adhering to the looks of a regular watch. With a number of controls, the battery life in this type of smartwatch takes a back seat.

However, you can still find good smartwatches that don’t compromise on functionality at any level. Take a look at our PLAYFIT SW75 smartwatch. It features a variety of sport modes along with step count, heart rate and sleep pattern monitors. It even tracks all your physical activities of the day. You can even customise its unique ‘Sedentary Alert’ feature according to your needs.

The display size is around 1.3 inches, which is large enough to show the time and other alerts. Packed with a powerful 210mAh battery, it goes on for two weeks after one single charge.

4. Smartwatch With Internet Functionality

In this category, the smartwatch comes equipped with its own internet connection operating via LTE technology. LTE, or as they call it, Long Term Evolution, is a 4G wireless network.

While this smartwatch type can work without a smartphone, it is yet to see much advancement in the near future. As of now, the models you will find come with tiny screens and they are quite difficult to navigate. With proper usage, the battery also doesn’t last more than a day.

Smartwatch Comparison: What You Should Go For

With so many variants available, it can surely be an overwhelming factor when you want one for your specific needs. We hope you are able to narrow down your choices better by now. We would suggest our two models, as they come with all the necessary features without any compromise on quality and functionality.

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