Wearable Technology: The Trendsetter

By Hamish Patel Jul 26, 2020

Tangles wires and mechanical complications are no longer fashionable. The computable utility is your ticket to get ‘in’ this current tech-savvy utopia. Wearable technology equates to an intelligent extension of the body. It also complements your contemporary aesthetic choices. Let’s see how smart wearables are giving new meaning to mainstream fashion.

Wearable Technology: How the Smartwatch Buckles New Trends

One definitive trend is athleisure. It is also now part of casual workwear, as the clothes are more breathable and lightweight. Smart wearable supplements this look better. Mostly because it highlights more that you are self-aware of your fitness. After all, you are what you wear.

If you dig this trend, do check the PLAYFIT SW75 smartwatch. Its high-end looks and build quality make it an effortlessly modish accessory.

1. Design Consistency:

The PLAYFIT SW75 outdoes the common bracelet-like silhouette of a fitness tracker. It is rectangular and the edges protrude out without looking oversized. The exterior is black matching the tone of the straps. The perforations on the straps make it lightweight for prolonged wear. These holes along with the lugs are also consistent with the overall design.

As the profile is kept simple and thin with a single colourway, it is versatile. Whether you sport neutral colours or bright ones, this wearable can pass off anywhere. It will not just complement your activewear but also, your smart casuals.  

2. The Build:

The touchscreen is a 2.5D corning glass that replaces the bevel of a watch. This provides smooth edges without making the screen look too small. The stainless steel casing is also water-resistant up to 50m, which can deal with sweat. The battery life is also great and it can run for 12 to 15 days with a single charge.

Wearable Technology: The Trendsetter

The PLAYFIT SW75 is built with a futuristic design, keeping up with the changing technology 

Wearable Technology: A Fertile Ground for Trendy Innovation

Technology delivers accurate results. It cannot be seen as mutually exclusive to fashion. Take, for example, 3D-printing technologies used by Iris Van Herpen, a famous Dutch fashion designer.

Similarly, wearable devices have become active companions in supporting hectic lifestyles. Their integrated features assist in promoting health and fitness through goals. As a result, they help in the overall productivity levels and improve the quality of life.

It’s not just the aesthetics, check out the features of the PLAYFIT SW75 smartwatch:

  • Your Fitness Levels

For your fast-paced lifestyle, this wearable is convenient. It monitors your heart rate round-the-clock and also your sleep patterns. To give you accurate results, it adapts to 14 different sport modes. You can even personalise your experience with the dedicated PLAYFIT app. You can set fitness goals and see if you are able to meet them. The app also gives you a daily progress check.

  • Keeping you in the loop

With this smartwatch, you won’t have to keep checking your phone for alerts. You get notifications on your wrist – Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, calls and texts. It can also read the weather.

Wearable Technology is Futuristic Fashion

This statement needs no explanation. Keeping people’s evolving fashion interests, smart wearables have gone much beyond the clunky designs. While smartwatches are more popular in this segment, fitness trackers are next in line among the fashionable lot. Do check out our chic fitness trackers – PLAYFIT 53 and PLAYFIT 21.

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