How Far will Hearables Augment Reality through Voice?

By Kartikeya Rokde Jul 26, 2020

Personalisation is the theme of this techno-centric 21st century. During the second decade, the wearable for the wrist evolved into a hearable for the ear. By 2018, the global hearables industry gathered $21.20 billion. By 2026, the estimate is $92.46 billion. At this mushrooming intersection, you, the user, benefit all the conveniences. One such is the voice assistant.  With its real-time response, the personal smart audio device can offer profound insights. 

Hearable: Hear to Stay!

The hearable market is pushing boundaries on all levels. The quest is to make your experience more immersive through voice activation. Check out these examples:

1.    Streaming Audio

Audio streaming services are now quickly adapting to the demand for hearables. One biggest example is Spotify. A couple of months back, it received a patent for the AI-driven voice assistant. It will understand human emotions through voice recognition.  If a user does not like the music, a single utterance such as “ugh” would stop the playback.

2.    Using Apps on the Move:

All our wireless headphones by World of PLAY come with an integrated voice assistant. You can use Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri with simple voice commands. All you have to do is press the multifunction key for a second or two to activate the voice feature. With it, you can book an Uber and switch to your favourite playlist on YouTube or Spotify without reaching your phone. 

Hearable: The Voice-Based Use Case Scenarios

Listening to music and podcasts will transform. Here are other scenarios where hearables can help:

  • Travelling

Wearables have almost replaced the need to check your smartphone. Hearables can do that too. They can connect with your smartphone’s geo-identifier.  You can then navigate your way in any city. The built-in voice assistant can direct you to different places you want to go. It can also be used to buy travel tickets using just your voice.

  • Healthcare

Voice integration can help in the medical industry. The voice assistant can act as a physician. It can tell the patient when to take the medicine and prompt for the time for exercise.

Hearable Device Market: New Age for Tech Brands

Not all hearables are earbuds. We are now integrating hearable technology into our state-of-the-art headphones.

How Far will Hearables Augment Reality through Voice

PLAYGO BH70 Smart Headphones

Our noise-cancelling PLAYGO BH70 headphones have one microphone for calling. The same microphone takes your voice commands when you use Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri. We have integrated Qualcomm’s cVc technology into it. It automatically checks the surroundings and equalises the voice. Updated with the current Internet of Things, these cans come equipped with Bluetooth v5.0. This ensures Google Assistant or Alexa understands your voice clearly even when your smartphone is over 10m away.

Hearables 2020: The Voice of the ‘Brave New World’

So far, voice integration for hearables seems that it will improve life in every step of the way. The market for hearable devices will expand more. We, as a dedicated tech brand, will now only fi

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