True Wireless Earphones Are the Future

By Akshara Bala Feb 27, 2021

Speak about the future of wireless earphones and you aren’t just talking about big improvements in sound quality, you are also talking about a form function. Yes we are talking about true wireless earphones. Just a couple of years ago, the idea of having earphones with no physical connection between the two earpieces would have sounded implausible and a mere fiction but in 2021, true wireless earphones are arguably more convenient than traditional wired headphones. To be fair, it is this very earphone that has brought about a massive transformation in the personal audio space. With this segment growing at a rapid pace, it will not be a surprise to see them taking over the market. Not without reason. Here are the  advantages of going wireless:

Sound Quality

True wireless earphones have shown how you don’t necessarily need large headphones with massive drivers for superior quality sound. PLAYGO T20, for instance, comes with EBEL drivers that deliver Enhanced Bass and Extra Loud Audio. The other reason it finds favour is that it offers HD call quality and Active Environmental Noise Reduction, which translate into an uninterrupted calling experience.


The comfort with true wireless earphones accrues on two counts. The first that they are extremely light and portable! PLAYGO T44 is in fact the lightest in the category with buds weighing as little as 3.5 grams.  It goes without saying that it is easy to toss them in your pocket as you head out for that trip without any fear of tangled wires. Not only do they come with a battery life of  20 hours, there is a pocket slip charging case to charge and play on the go. With its range of 33 feet, freedom and flexibility got a whole new name. The other aspect of comfort comes on account of its half in-ear design that ensures it sits snug in your ears. The fact that it has convenient controls and the ability to easily activate voice assistants also goes a long way in offering the freedom, you so desire.

The Future of the Wireless Headphones

True wireless headphones truly seem to be the future of audio accessory. In fact, the sales of true wireless hearables were projected to reach 230 million units worldwide by 2020, as per a Statista Report. This isn’t only because you do not have to contend with annoying wires but also because they come with a wide variety of business-ready features such as noise isolation, touch controls and access to virtual assistants. Besides, with strong Bluetooth connections, mobility and freedom is a given.

Being the future of headphones technology, does this mean that true wireless headphones will replace all other form functions?  Not really, as there will always be a reasonable  demand for over-the-ear and on-ear headphones. But with true wireless growing at an exponential pace with consumers choosing the convenience and comfort of being totally wire-free, it is only a matter of time when practically every earphone owner will own a pair of true wireless earphones. Even today, for that matter, it is virtually impossible to walk down a street or take the metro or an airplane without noticing these trendy  accessories in people’s ears. 

Future headphone technology has a definite space of living life unplugged with these wire-free devices. Not only do they allow you to live a tangle free life, there is  much more convenience added to it!

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