Reasons You Need to Switch to a Wireless Pair of Earphones

By Akshara Bala Feb 27, 2021

Music is the soundtrack of your life.” 

If at all a semblance of the above quote resonates with you, then, a Bluetooth headphone surely makes things extremely convenient! And, if you are sitting on the edge, and wondering: Are Bluetooth headphones worth it? We mean, who can resist a steller pair of audio accessories  that makes the music merrier? 

Key Benefits of Bluetooth headphone

There are plenty of advantages of using Bluetooth Headset:

Cut the cord

It’s true that  each time you want to immerse yourself in that soulful music, you have to deal with tangled cords first. With wireless earphones, all you need to do is to connect via Bluetooth with your mobile or laptop and enjoy uninterrupted music. There is no  hassle of carrying  the mobile phone , as you pump iron or take to the treadmill. It’s even possible to let the music lull you to sleep without the fear of being entangled by those cords.

Go ahead- be a control freak

So you love to multitask? If receiving client calls when you are lifting weights in the gym or listening to music while you put together a delectable meal is par for the course for you, Bluetooth headphones are definitely a must buy!. Opt for PLAYGO N82 for those integrated controls where you can receive calls, set audio controls and more without any hassle. Call on the voice assistant for that real hands-free experience.  An added advantage is the Active noise cancellation feature as you can control environmental sounds and not let them come in the way of your conversation. 

Comfort and convenience got a whole new name

With lightweight earphones that fit perfectly into your ears, comfort is a given even with those rather long phone calls. With a 30 hour playtime offered by PLAYGO BH70, you need not even worry about the battery giving up on you in the midst of that important call or just as you get ready for a power-packed exercise session. Its auto-pairing, smart touch & talk and audio pause & play are  a few of the many features that give convenience a whole new name.

Superior Sound

You may be taking that client call while channelizing your inner chef or while making a noisy commute. The active noise cancelling ability of your Bluetooth earphones acts as a huge advantage as it keeps external noise at bay. Besides, the HD call quality and echo cancellation feature adds to the quality of your call. PLAYGO wireless headphones come with an AI enabled audio optimization that adds to your everlasting listening experience.

Style Accessory

There is no reason to believe that a power-packed audio accessory need not add to your style quotient. With the PLAYGO N33, style meets sound in a never-before combination. The silicone neckband adds to your persona as you groove to music with its powerful 10mm EBEL speakers. Cherry on the top, it is also sweat and splash proof means that it will not come in the way of your exercise routine!

With these Bluetooth Headphone benefits, there’s no way you will be able to stop yourself from getting your hands on this  personalized experience!! Here’s to an unbelievable listening experience like never before!

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