Experience Better Sound With PLAYGO BH70 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

By amrit shergill Aug 26, 2020

When it comes to using high-end Bluetooth headphones, it’s important to consider how you PERSONALLY find the audio experience. The ease of use is another factor. This is exclusive to having too many features or not. So far, our latest PLAYGO BH70 wireless headphone pair has surpassed every listener’s expectations. These wireless Bluetooth headphones are truly one-of-a-kind when it comes to the sound.

Wireless Headphone: What Makes PLAYGO BH70 Offer High Quality Audio

The PLAYGO BH70 headset is our latest innovation in the tech-audio world. These cans have advanced features, very useful for the modern-day user. Let’s see how:

1. AI Algorithm

Our PLAYGO BH70 wireless Bluetooth headphones are equipped with an AI algorithm. This is quite uncommon to the wide range of Bluetooth headsets you find nowadays.

With this feature, the sound is optimal for every different listener. On the tech front, certain listeners do not hear certain frequencies. These wireless headphones make sure to raise specific frequencies so that the audio output across the frequency spectrum is uniform. In this way, every listener is able to enjoy the sound in a new improved way without having to tweak the equaliser settings too much.

Experience better sound with PLAYGO BH70 wireless Bluetooth headphones

2. Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation

With four microphones blocking every kind of ambient noise, these wireless headphones make it easy for use at every outdoor situation. These automatically adjust to your surroundings giving you a richer audio output. Even the microphone for speaking adapts to the background noise so that you can talk noise-free.

3. Enhanced Bass Sound

The audio drivers inside the comfortable cups come with EBEL. It stands for Enhanced Bass Extra Loud. Well, this excellent feature lets you enjoy the bass drops and the groovy thumps of the standard hip-hop music. That does not mean that you can’t listen to other genres. The bass will be upfront for genres such as rock and electronica, letting you appreciate the loud rhythms all the more.

4. Qualcomm AptX

This is the latest audio codec by Qualcomm that makes every sound from any source sound great. If you are listening to an old record on any platform, this codec will enhance the sound for you. It improves the signal-to-noise ratio of the audio and decreases the background noise.  While it enhances the sound, you will encounter no digital artefacts. 


These wireless headphones allow you more control. You can switch off the active noise cancellation mode if you feel you don’t need it. This is great when you are listening to music at home. There is not much background noise to block and you might as well save up on some battery.

The equaliser settings on the app further allow you to dial in your preferred settings. That is if you feel like. Else, you can just leave it be and let the automatic AI algorithm sort that out for you.

6. Exceptional Battery Life and Updated Bluetooth

The battery life of these wireless Bluetooth headphones is exceptional. The pair will give you a long battery life of 30 hours with a single charge. The ones that come with a higher price range than these cans don’t even offer that much battery life.

In fact, these come with the updated Bluetooth 5.0 version, which is a boon for the Internet of Things (IoT). The new Bluetooth version consumes much less power than its previous versions. Apart from that, this update also takes care of the lag in audio that users generally face with wireless Bluetooth headphones. Even the costlier ones in the market don’t come with this updated version.

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones: PLAYGO BH70 will Enhance your Audio Listening Experience

As you have now seen the extraordinary audio-related aspects, the PLAYGO BH70 headphones will certainly allow you to enjoy your music more. The wireless headphone pair can deliver a greater audio output than many in the same and higher price range.

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