Long-Distance Bike Race: 6 Tips for Racing to Finish

By Hamish Patel Jul 26, 2020

If you are preparing for a long-distance bike race, the one thing that you need to tap into is your peak performance. That not only means choosing a good racing bike in India, but also a lot more. If endurance cycling is having a moment, with these 6 simple tips you can ensure that you can partake in it and give it your best.

1. Invest in State-of-the-Art Equipment

First things first; choose from the best racing bikes in India and ensure that the bike is clean and well-maintained. Invest also in aspects such as handlebar extensions that offer comfort. After all, a comfortable ride can go a long way in improving your performance. It is critical to plan and ensure that you carry seemingly small but important stuff like chain lube, a waterproof bag, as also extra battery to ensure you don’t run out of charge. Speaking of charge, if you are using a bike with electric shifting, make sure it’s had a full charge before the race. Similarly, when it comes to the light or your activity tracker, wireless earphones and other wearables, ensure you have an adequate charge. There is nothing quite like being over-prepared, so do carry plenty of spares.

2. Train Smart

Conquering a long-distance bike race has a lot to do with what goes before it. Having a structured training plan is, therefore, a key. Putting in long solo efforts, practising sprinting are important aspects of the training. Include interval training two to three times per week to increase your endurance and build your aerobic capacity. Resistance building exercises are also key to build muscle endurance. During the training phase, remember also to carefully study the data such as your heart rate and more. An important aspect of the training is also having a strong support team, be it your coach or nutritionist or even a group of friends who you can rely on for encouragement.

6 Tips for Conquering A Long-Distance Bike Race

3. Being Steady is Key

If there is one thing to aim for when it comes to the best racing protocol, it has to be endurance. Resist, therefore, from the temptation of starting out too fast so that you do not burn yourself out early. Instead, the key is to hold a steady pace and keep going.

4. Stock Up

It is extremely important to be hydrated and carry enough food to keep your energy levels up. A sports drink as a quick source of carbs and energy also comes in handy. Just in case you aren’t carrying enough resources, ensure you check with the organizers in advance and be aware of rest stops with food arrangements as also services to help you refuel. 

5. Carry a Change of Clothes

This aspect is often missed. However, it will help to carry a change of clothes, should you feel the need to change at the half-way mark. Depending on the weather, of course, carry comfortable clothes that are light-weight and can also be easily stored in your backpack.

6. Rest to Zoom Ahead

When it comes to long-distance races, it is imperative to break up the distance in your head and have a rest plan in place, as well. Remember that resting is as important a component of zooming ahead. A break can do wonders in refreshing you and allowing you to forge ahead. Anytime that you find your motivation levels dipping, it will be a good idea to think of crossing the finish line and be filled with new-found joy and pride.

Over and above everything, besides one of the best racing bikes in India, also carry your joie de vivre to the bike race. It is important, that you enjoy the experience, as also create wonderful memories.

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