Do’s and Don’ts for your Half Marathon

By Hamish Patel Jul 26, 2020

Completing a half marathon is one of the finest fitness challenges ever. It is now becoming a convenient transformational goal for the casual joggers. Motivational indeed, you should definitely go for it. Once you know the prerequisites of its training, hitting that 21 km terrain will be much easier.

Half Marathon: How to Train With the 5 Do’s

1. Stick to a Schedule

For half marathons, trainers usually suggest a training schedule of 13 to 14 weeks. The goal here is to maximize your running efforts.

Every week, do:

  • Speed runs: These help you build calf muscle strength. Try running up the hill; run for both long and short intervals. A variety of speed runs help.
  • Long runs: These will help you build endurance. By maintaining a steady pace, you can prepare your mind and body for the race to follow.
  • Recovery runs: These are highly beneficial for your body. Run at the slowest pace comfortably.
  • Rest: Stay away from running on two consecutive days. The more you rest the more your body is able to recharge.

But, do modify this schedule as per your comfort level. The key is to not get stressed if you miss a day or two of training.

What you need to do and don’t for your half marathon

2. Switch the Terrains

It can get very de-motivating if you practice your runs with the same scenery. Try finding different spots or parks for running. Ideally, you should keep changing them each week.

3. Check your Progress

Once you begin training, the first few days or weeks can be extremely tough. But your persistence will let you move forward. To keep at it, get the PLAYFIT 21 fitness tracker and download the PLAYFIT app. You will know exactly how well you improve in the latter days.

4. Create your Own Training Playlist

One of the best ways to concentrate on running is by listening to music or your desired podcast host. Create a playlist of your favourite tracks and start running. It will be convenient if you get those wireless headphones. Check our PLAYGO N23 in-ear neckband Bluetooth headphones. They are ultra-comfortable, sweat-resistant and have long battery life.

5. Wear Comfortable Clothes and Shoes

Wearing breathable and flexible clothes is essential for running. Make sure you get comfortable socks and lightweight shoes. These will enable you to run without any discomfort.

Half Marathon: The 5 Don’ts that you Should Keep in Check

  • Don’t Get Discouraged

It is not easy to be regular with your running sessions. Especially, when you are training alone. On some days, you also may not able to gain enough speed.  Don’t worry. Keep at it. Just remember, on the day you finally race, your excitement will shoot your adrenaline to the roof.

  •  Don’t Waste Energy on the Last Week of Training

Even if you are pumped up with your training regimen, save up on energy. At least, during the last week before the race.  You can do short runs but don’t do long runs. With long runs, there is always a high risk of injury.

  • Don’t Buy New Shoes for the Race

Don’t wear new sneakers on the race day. Professional athletes always sport their training shoes. By wearing new shoes for the race, you may end up with excruciating foot pain with sores.

  • Don’t Forget to Hydrate

It is important to stay hydrated during your long runs. Even before the race, drink water, but not too much. If you don’t, you will get dehydrated and won’t be able to continue running. Also, showering before the race can make you dehydrate faster. Shower the night before.

  • Don’t Ignore Muscle Pains

Never ignore any muscle pain while running. Even when you are training with the long runs.  Stop immediately and rest a while when there is any soreness. If you don’t, the pain will worsen.

Half Marathon: See you at the Start Line

A half marathon is more than just running. It is you getting on with a healthy regimen and a structured one. With these essential do’s and don’ts of training, your first half marathon will be a successful one.

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