By Deepak Tiwari Jun 21, 2021
Every June, the entire nation celebrates Pride Month, which honours the LGBTQ+ population and their entitlement to a respectable living. Pride is about people coming together to demonstrate and celebrate how far gay rights have progressed and how much remains to be done.

Freedom, respect, knowledge on pride history, and, above all, love are all important aspects of Pride Month.Everyone is welcome to join in the celebration of love, whether they identify as LGBTQ or as an ally. Attending a parade and donning your best rainbow garb is excellent, but it's also crucial to be involved in ways that will have a long-term influence!

The Stonewall Uprising occurred in New York City on June 28, 1969. The NYPD would routinely raid LGBT nightclubs and attack the LGBTQ community at the time. The American Constitution also contained laws forbidding homosexuality at the time. But, everything broke loose on that specific day in June, when the LGBTQ community pushed back and protested for many days. This had a long-term positive impact on the world.

Why is it more important to celebrate Pride now??

Pride is the result of a battle. Now, the COVID-19 pandemic has reintroduced difficulty to our LGBTQIA+ communities, as we are compelled to lock ourselves in with families that may or may not accept us, or face new health and career concerns.

Isolation is nothing new for LGBTQ people. It's a daily challenge for them. As a result, it's even more critical to recognise the strength of the human spirit and to join virtually in the face of adversity. Even though people can't get together to march together doesn't mean Pride isn't happening. It means we must be creative in our approaches to reaching out to the communities in order to maintain pride. We must accept the new normal and provide alternate settings in which everyone may feel connected and safe.

This is what you can do from your side to show your support to the community :

Donate to the community

Volunteering with a local LGBT+ youth or community centre, or generating funds for a charity or foundation, is a great way to give back to the community. There are numerous groups that support LGBTQ people. From battling for LGBTQ rights and delivering health care services to giving education funding and operating emergency helplines, these groups do it all. These organisations depend on your financial and emotional contributions. So please give or volunteer!

Support LGBTQ+ artists

Introduce yourself to a piece of art by a local LGBTQ+ artist, especially if the artist is also attempting something new for a living. You'll not only be assisting queer artists, but you'll also have a rare piece of art which will remind you of how important it is to appreciate our differences.

Learn about the community and educate yourself

With modern Pride parades' emphasis on fun and celebration, it's easy to forget that Pride began as a fight for LGBTQ+ rights. Because many of us aren't taught about LGBT history in school, understanding more about it is an excellent way to honour those who battled for our right to be ourselves. Regardless of whether you identify as LGBTQ+ or not, it is critical to be aware of the issues that affect LGBTQ+ people.

Support LGBTQ+ businesses

Several small businesses are in desperate need of your help today more than ever. Do a simple internet search to identify LGBTQ businesses nearby you that you can assist locally or the ones you can support farther away, from e-commerce to fashion labels to bakeries, cafes, and artists! You'll not only find interesting stuff, but you'll also be helping out local communities.

Use social media

Human rights violations against LGBTQ+ individuals occur all throughout the world. Share knowledge about their battle, expose governments that violate their rights, and publish articles, and research about issues which affect them.

Pride Month is a time to come together and unite with the LGBTQ+ community in its battle for equality and LGBTQ+ justice, whether in a public parade or in the privacy of one's own home. Pride is far more than a month; it's a way for the LGBTQ community to acknowledge and celebrate everyday experiences, large and little, from transitions to coming out to establishing a family. It's a time to appreciate all of the one-of-a-kind, colourful, important, and spectacular events that make life so special.

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