5 Ways to Connect Your wired/wireless headphones to TV

By Deepak Tiwari Jun 23, 2021
Perhaps you want to watch a series at maximum volume while everyone else in the home is sleeping. Maybe you prefer headphones as they block out noises and interruptions from a nearby room or apartment. Connecting a wireless or Bluetooth headphone set to your TV might be challenging for a variety of reasons.
The very first thing you should do is check to see if your TV has Bluetooth capability. If it does, the task of connecting your wireless headphones will be a lot easier. If your television doesn't support Bluetooth, there are various ways to connect them. There are quite a few methods to link your headphones to your TV so that you may enjoy the benefits of both private audio and a large screen. Here are some ways to connect your TV to your preferred headphones or earphones.

The Bluetooth function

The built-in Bluetooth technology has to be the easiest way to connect your wireless headphones. Bluetooth is included into most latest LED and smart TVs, allowing you to connect wirelessly.
Sometimes the Bluetooth connectivity choice isn't immediately obvious, and you'll have to look around to find it. If you've had the service manual from when you first bought your TV, it must have a segment on how to operate it. If not, you can look up technical specifications for your TV model on Google. After you have all of this information, following the directions to pair your headphones with your TV and enjoy your wireless connection will be straightforward.

The one major drawback of having this form of Bluetooth connection, besides its rarity, is the latency. There may be some lag in the transmission from your TV to your Bluetooth headphones if either your TV or your Bluetooth headphones are of a lower quality. It doesn't matter if you're just playing music through your headphones, but if you're trying to watch a movie or a show on TV and the voice and sound effects are out of sync, it might be a little annoying.

Bluetooth audio transmitter

If your TV isn't equipped with Bluetooth, you can use a Bluetooth audio transmitter to get around this. This is a device that plugs into your television's 3.5 mm audio jack. The Transmitter will serve as a bridge between the TV and your headphones, allowing you to use Bluetooth. These transmitters are quite inexpensive and simple to come by, so using one of these instead of purchasing a new TV set with built-in Bluetooth connectivity might be one of the best cost-effective ways to convert your television.

Going with a wired connection

If you have a set of wired headphones that you wish to connect to your TV, it may be more difficult to do so because many new TVs lack a built-in headphone port.
If your TV has a headphone port, you'll also need a pair of headphones with a lengthy cable that can comfortably reach where you're sitting.

Connecting a wired headphone through streaming device

You could also try inserting your wired headphones into the remote control of a TV streaming device to link them to your TV. If you have a streaming device, such as an Amazon Fire TV, look at the remote and see if it includes a headphone jack. You can check any external audio devices you have since most of them will have a spot for your wired headphones to be plugged in. A smaller (quarter-inch) built-in headphone jack is found on the majority of A/V receivers. You may buy a cheap adaptor and use it to connect in your headphones.

Connecting a wireless headphone through streaming device

You can use a streaming device to connect your wireless headphones over Bluetooth . To connect your headphones correctly, put them in pairing mode and then just follow the on-screen directions. However, keep in mind that when you pair your headphones with your streaming device, you'll be limited to listening to the device's content only. This implies that your headphones will not operate on TV channels other than those provided by your set-top box.
Because of its stable connectivity, Bluetooth is the ideal option. As a result, you should try to concentrate on the first three strategies. If you already own a Bluetooth headset, purchasing a Bluetooth transmitter is a wise decision. However, the price and sound quality of the headphones itself shouldn't be overlooked.

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