PLAYFIT App: The Key to Getting the Most Out of your World of PLAY Wearables

By Hamish Patel Aug 31, 2020

PLAYFIT, the proprietary app for our advanced fitness trackers, tracks & records all your health data in real-time. With its detailed reports on your sleep, heart rate and various physical activities, you are just a few taps away from maintaining perfect health. The easy-to-navigate interface allowing you to manage your social media notifications is useful. Of course, for the most seamless experience, the PLAYFIT syncs perfectly with all PLAYFIT devices. 

The PLAYFIT APP: Track your Progress All Day!

  1. Record All-Day Activity: View progress towards your daily goals for steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes, and see your trends over time.

  2. Sleep Progress & Goals: Use a World of Play tracker to record your sleep at night. Sleep tools that are part of its companion app enable you to set a weekly sleep goal, bedtime reminders and much more. It also helps you review your sleep trends over a period of time.

  3. Mobile Tracking: If you want to track your activity but don’t have a PLAYFIT tracker or Smartwatch, you can use your smartphone to record basic stats like steps, distance and calories burned.

How Wearable Features are Synced

How to use smartwatch features with PLAYFIT

Bluetooth based real-time tracking & syncing

These two points cover how PLAYFIT will integrate information sent by your smartwatch:

1.    Smartwatch Sensor

When you engage in any physical activity wearing your PLAYFIT wearables, the data is locally stored in real-time. The information is not updated instantly on the app. However, the data is synced periodically in the background. PLAYFIT devices are automatically synced up to 20 times a day.

2.    Smartwatch API

Fitness trackers come with their own APIs (application program interface). It acts as an intermediary integrating all the data from the smartwatch to the fitness app.

Why we don’t recommend using other apps for your PLAYFIT devices 

Synchronising your PLAYFIT device with a third-party app can be “glitchy”, to say the least. Sometimes, the pairing can break. On other occasions, you can get frustrated on why the information is not updated. If you didn’t know, third party apps collect data differently than the dedicated PLAYFIT app. They also never have direct access to it to sync all information from the get-go.

Third-party apps do not have direct access to the smartwatch’s API. To pair PLAYFIT devices with a third-party app, you will need to provide authorisation. Only then, the information will be read by the third party app. However, we don’t recommend this, as the PLAYFIT App has been designed and built to work seamlessly with your PLAYFIT wearables. Also, allowing other apps access to your smart device doesn’t always end with the honest use of your data. So, beware is all we can say! And get a fitness band that has its own dedicated app. 

Tracking Activity & Workouts using the PLAYFIT App

  1. Track Exercise and Activity: Use your PLAYFIT trackers to record workouts or log them in the app, then see all your exercise stats, their impact on your overall day, and how your performance is improving.
  2. Maintain an Exercise Calendar: Logged workouts will pop up in your exercise calendar so you can look back on what you’ve accomplished, and use data & trends to make progress toward your goal.
  3. On-the-go tracking: Enhance runs, walks and hikes by using the PLAYFIT app on your smartphone to track pace, time and distance. You can also control your playlist and get important voice cues through it.

PLAYFIT App: Building a Community

  1. Move reminders: Notifications will pop up on your smartphone to give you a gentle push in the right direction and keep you moving towards your goal.
  2. Stay Connected: Find and connect with PLAYFIT friends so you can send motivational messages, share stats and cheer each other on.

Make the most out of your wearable with PLAYFIT app

The feature-rich smartwatch PLAYFIT app, is all you need to make the most out of your wearable device for an active lifestyle.  

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