Get the Best of Your Daily Activity Using a Fitness Band

By Kartikeya Rokde Sep 01, 2020

Staying fit is much more convenient with a wearable. Despite the insightful data activity trackers offer, owners abandon them after six months. Too many real-time alerts destroying the casual element of the simplest physical tasks is a common complaint. Many also lose interest too early realising their trackers are unsuitable for their different fitness regimens. Consequently, they are not able to accomplish their fitness goals. Maintaining perfect health is never a one-time affair. Those who realise it, truly understand the need of using activity trackers daily. They are also the ones who demand nothing less than the best fitness band for their individual needs. So, in which user category, do you currently belong?

Using the Latest Fitness Band for your Daily Activity Management

1. To Monitor your Sleep

Mental and physical health depends largely on the quality of sleep. You are still sleep deprived if you feel fatigued in the day after the recommended 7 – 9 hours. Factors such as light and deep sleep cycles also come into play.

With our advanced fitness band PLAYFIT 53, you get daily and weekly reports of your sleep cycle. The dedicated PLAYFIT app shows accurate information on your light and deep sleep patterns. With such first-hand analyses, you can easily improve your sleep.

2. To Give You In-Depth Insight on Your Different Exercises

The step count on a fitness tracker differs largely when you are cycling, running or practicing yoga. An ordinary fitness tracker will not have different modes to understand the difference among the exercises.  

All of our state-of-the-art fitness trackers, on the other hand, come with 14 different sports modes. You just have to set the controls accordingly to get a deeper insight on the type of exercises you are performing.  You can use our PLAYFIT SW75 fitness band even for shallow underwater activities such as swimming. It comes with a 50m water resistance.

3. Measuring your Inactivity Round-the-Clock

Not all fitness trackers have a 24/7 physical monitoring feature. They don’t show the resting heart rate data when you are inactive but not sleeping. For good health, having a low resting heart rate is very important. If it is higher, there is something wrong with your diet, which also includes your water intake.

With our wearables, you get accurate information on your resting heart rate. You can immediately bring a change into your diet just by knowing this.

4. Setting your Ideal Goals the Way you Want Them to be

It is impractical to achieve goals that are set too high. This is one recurring complaint that many users of earlier fitness bands have.

In a day, an average office-going user walks about 4000 to 5000 steps. But, older fitness trackers would have an unchangeable prearranged 10,000 step count bar. The user then would have no choice but to achieve that. This becomes even more dispiriting with the constant reminder that s/he is not achieving the ideal step count.

An advanced fitness band of our brand will let you customise your goals easily on the PLAYFIT app. The PLAYFIT SW75 smartwatch has the ‘Sedentary Alert’ feature that notifies when you are inactive for a predetermined time. You can even customise it according to your unique schedule of the day. Once you have the freedom to achieve realistic goals, you will instinctively try to become better.

Another excellent feature of this advanced fitness band is the ‘Female Health Tracker’. As the required amount of physical activities is different for both men and women, the goals can be set appropriately. 

5. Efficient Health Tracking Through Great Battery Backup

The previous generations of fitness bands did have bad battery life. This is also one of the major reasons why many users didn’t like using them after a period of four to five months. The heart rate monitoring was not accurate, as the band frequently required a longer time to charge.

Our PLAYFIT SW75 fitness band comes with a powerful battery that easily runs two weeks. For charging, it takes just two hours. With a long battery, the reminders and accurate daily and weekly data will always be there. You will surely develop a better habit of doing your drills or any physical activity regularly.

6. Lesser Screen Time With High Resolution Display

The latest fitness bands come with great displays and large readable fonts. They naturally feel better to wear at all times.

Following the latest at the technological front, our other fitness band, PLAYFIT 53, comes with the TFT LCD colour display. You can easily recognise all the data and notifications even when the sun is out. However, that does not mean the fonts are going to be too bright for your eyes. The screen optimises the RGB colour scheme well.

An out-dated wearable may not be the best choice when you have to eventually use your smartphone for exercising. Several workouts require the Stopwatch and Timer. Our latest fitness bands have these, saving you from reaching out to your phone when you are concentrating on a drill.

Apart from that, you can choose to control what notifications you get. With this additional feature, go about your activities conveniently without anyone interrupting you.

7. Storing all Your Preceding Activity Data at One Place

The PLAYFIT app synchronises all the data very well. This helps you come back for all the statistics of the previous days. You don’t have to worry about anything you have missed earlier.

A Healthier Lifestyle With an Efficient Fitness Band 

To adopt a healthier lifestyle, any of our latest & best fitness bands (even though we say so ourselves!) will certainly help you. So be ready for a positive impact that will push you to stay fit forever!

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