Top 6 Reasons to Go for the PLAYFIT53 Fitness Band

By Hamish Patel Sep 04, 2020

Let’s get straight to the point. The PLAYFIT 53 is a non-fuss advanced smart tracker that gives you real-time daily activity insights. It can tell if you’ve been sedentary for long, count the steps taken & give sleep insights. This advanced smart band comes with multi-sports tracking, Heart Rate Monitor & Smart notifications via Bluetooth 4.2. Added to that is a solid battery backup that lasts up to 10 days. It also has a stylish 2.5D curved glass display and premium finish. There are many more reasons why you should make it part of your must-have gadget list.

Fitness Band: Get into Perfect Shape With the PLAYFIT 53

1. Loves You From the Heart

When you are exercising, it’s easy to over-exert and that may be harmful to your body in the long run. It is equally important for your body to have the right resting heart rate while you are inactive. Keeping your heart rate in check all the time is now stress-free. We have equipped our PLAYFIT 53 fitness band with a 24x7 heart rate monitor for your heart’s well-being.

2. A Self-Protecting Fitness Band!

Facing tough weather conditions is now a cinch, for it is a dust-proof fitness band. It is also watertight up to 1.5m underwater for 30 minutes. So be it rain, hail or shine, this is the go-to wearable when you step out for your next adventure. We promise you fitness – every time, every single day!

3. This Fitness Band Gives You Sleep Stage Insights

We have made the PLAYFIT 53 with care to cater to all your needs, even in the after-hours. Its ability to monitor the patterns of your sleep will ensure you get the best nightly shut-eye, and wake up refreshed to face the day. With the daily and weekly reports on your sleep patterns (via the PLAYFIT app), you can easily figure out the right sleep-wake cycle for your body.

Fitness Band: Get into perfect shape with the PLAYFIT 53

4. Battery Backup Unsurpassed

There is no need to pause your quest for fitness with PLAYFIT 53 for it promises 7-10 days of wear time, armed with a powerful 90mAh battery.

5. This Fitness Band Works According to your Needs

It comes with 14 different sports modes. So, depending on which activity you are involved in, you can set the controls such that you get reports about exactly how and to what extent that activity (from walking to skipping to football to yoga) has helped your body.

Also inbuilt is a stopwatch to ensure you are achieving the goals you are constantly setting for yourself. So go on, keep challenging your limits!

6. As App-Friendly as it Gets

Since it is compatible with the PLAYFIT app, you can go beyond simply tracking your health with this fitness band. This application allows you to synchronise your steps, calories, heart rate, sleep cycle and much more so that all the data is at hand for you, whenever you need it. You can use the activity logger to custom-meter any activity. And that’s not all. All this data is analysed to assess your fitness profile, with suggestions on how to add a health boost into your lifestyle.

Best Fitness Band: There is So Much More to PLAYFIT 53

Best fitness band: There is so much more to PLAYFIT 53

For one, our PLAYFIT 53 has a simple, minimal interface that’s intuitive and easy to operate. Simple swipes and taps take you from the home screen to the heart tracker and alarm clock timer. Its high-resolution 2.44cm LCD display is easily visible outdoors even when the sun is at its brightest. 

We’ve also empowered it with a 0.96” IPS full-touch display for your eye comfort. And, you’ll never miss an update even though your phone may be away from you. This fitness band can receive all your messages on it for it supports SMS, WeChat, QQ, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger, LinkedIn, Email, Calendar and Skype. You may even navigate music on some selected apps. We agree it’s a tad difficult to believe that with all these features, this fitness band is priced so competitively! 

So why look any further when all your fitness needs are fulfilled in one sleek fitness band? Get ready to become healthy and stay that way, for the PLAYFIT 53 is here to look after you!

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