PLAYFIT 21: A Fitness Tracker With Mindfulness Tools to Enhance your Health

By amrit shergill Sep 02, 2020

Yes, everyone realises the positive effects of right sleep, proper meditation, a good diet and relaxation routines. But, how do you, in your super-busy schedule, find time to understand and practice all these “mindfulness tools”? How do you get into a relaxed, peaceful state of existence that will heal you inside and out?

Just snap the PLAYFIT 21 onto your wrist! We have created this fitness tracker keeping with the latest and necessary mindfulness trends. It has the power to create a positive, energised, vibrant version of you. Here we take an in-depth look at its inspiring features.

Fitness tracker: How Mindfulness Tools Work With PLAYFIT 21

1.  Detailed Sleep Analyses

You need to start by understanding how you sleep. PLAYFIT 21 simplifies the five stages of sleep into three clear demarcations – light, deep and total sleep.

The first stage of light sleep is when eye movements become slower, the body and brain are at rest. But the mind is still awake for 5 to 10 minutes – this is when the slightest disturbance can wake you up, and leave you exhausted even though you may later finish the required quota of your sleep. In the second stage (the major part of the sleep cycle) of light sleep, the body goes into deeper relaxation, your temperature drops, heart and respiration rates slow down. This is when sleep spindles – bursts of electricity in the brain that assist memory retention and learning – arise.

In deep sleep comes slow-wave sleep - when the body goes into repair mode, producing growth hormones, normalising the immune system and replacing cells.

REM or Rapid Eye Movement – the final stage of sleep – is when eye movement, heart rate and brain waves are faster and dreams occur, but there is no voluntary muscle activity.

Each of these stages cycles four to five times when you sleep. Ideally, approximately 50-65% should be spent on light sleep, 15-25% on deep sleep, and 20-35% on REM sleep.

So with PLAYFIT 21’s sleep analysis (once you link it to the PLAYFIT app), each stage of sleep is quantifiable, enabling you to understand why you may be feeling low or physically exhausted. Accordingly, you can change the time you sleep, as well as its duration, and wake up refreshed every single day.

2. The Perfect Heart Rate

PLAYFIT 21 comes with an in-built heart rate tracker which, once it’s connected with the PLAYFIT app, offers 24x7 feedback on your bpms. When analysed by the various tools on the app, this can give valuable insights into your health and fitness level, even gauging how stressed you are!

There is the interesting concept of HRV – heart rate variability – that measures the time interval between heartbeats, focussing on the fluctuations of the heart. When you’re emotionally troubled, physically tired, mentally fatigued or suffering from a disease (diabetes, heart problems, high cholesterol…), a low HRV indicates that your body is working hard. So, if you notice your HRV is low, you may try practicing some deep breathing exercises. Once you have overcome your stress, you’ll find your HRV rising. 

3. Eating the Right Way

Before you sit down for your meal, you need to calm your body so that it gains the maximum benefits from what you eat. Take a few deep breaths before you start eating – this will allow your digestion system to function at its best. This is especially important when your fitness tracker indicates you are strained.

4. Choosing the Right Fitness Regime

In case your fitness tracker band shows stress, a simple solution is deep breathing exercises, or yoga or meditation. You can make your choice as per your mood and interest!

Fitness Tracker: PLAYFIT 21 is for all Your Day-to-Day Needs

Fitness tracker: PLAYFIT 21 is for all your day-to-day needs

IP68 Dust & Waterproof: The PLAYFIT21 is dustproof and stays waterproof up to 1.5m underwater for 30 minutes.

Our fitness tracker is armed with the latest in technology. Its Nordic nRF52832 processor lets it perform without any lags. It has a 0.96 inch TFT LCD colour display and supports Bluetooth 4.2. Its touch button UI allows easy flip-through features such as heart-rate monitoring, stopwatch, pedometer and sleep monitoring. It supports 14 sports modes and is water- and dust-proof. Besides, we have given it 7-10 days of battery life. Its dial is customisable to suit your mood and persona. But what makes it a “complete” fitness tracker is its ability to understand your personal needs, and make you mindful about each activity you undertake, creating holistic well-being.

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