5 Tips on Using a Smartwatch at Work

By Hamish Patel Sep 02, 2020

Too many email and WhatsApp notifications during hectic office hours hamper productivity. Sitting for long hours without realising how fast time flies in front of the laptop screen, can also be harmful to your health. But what if you can boost your productivity at work every day? We think this ideal situation is easily achievable when you know how to use a smartwatch for needs other than counting your daily steps. 

How to Use Smart Watch for Your Work

1. Use it Like a Digital Timepiece

Our PLAYFIT SW75 Bluetooth smartwatch comes with a fine display showing the clock, stopwatch and timer. It is very easy to tap on the screen and set reminders as vibrations or beeps when you are on an urgent deadline. With it on your wrist, you won’t need to keep checking your phone every time.

2.  Customise Your Alerts

Our PLAYFIT devices show every call, text and social media notification on the screens.  With our PLAYFIT app, you can select the DND (Do Not Disturb) mode when you don’t want your friend’s call or Whatsapp text to distract you at work. You can also customise which social media app you want notifications from, during your demanding work hours.

3.  Be Updated With Your Schedules

With our PLAYFIT app, you can send all the schedules in your Google calendar to the PLAYFIT SW75 smartwatch or the PLAYFIT 53 model. In this way, you will always stay updated with all your appointments in the day.

How to use smart watch for your work

The All-New PLAYGO SW75 Smartwatch


4.  Concentrate on Your Work With Music Controls

Listening to music at work can be productive, but you cannot put on earphones all day. Every now and then, you may have to move out of your desk and attend to your colleague. But if you own any of our wearables, you can pause the playlist and control the volume straight from your wrist.

5. Take a Break

It is counter-productive to sit in front of your computer for hours at a stretch. But you do know it is sometimes unavoidable at a workplace. Our PLAYFIT SW75 model comes with an additional ‘Sedentary Alert’ feature. This wearable will monitor your activities 24/7 and will vibrate after a predetermined period of inactivity. What you can do is customise it to vibrate every two hours. The same model also has a ‘Relax’ mode. It vibrates after pauses guiding you to inhale and exhale accordingly. This certainly has a calming effect.

How to Use Smart Watch to Stay Ahead Even During your Hectic Days

As you can see, there are many more benefits of using a smart watch other than tracking your health. We hope you become even more pro-active at your workplace, especially when you use a good smart watch, like ours.

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