How Google Assistant is Better With World of PLAY Headphones

By Kartikeya Rokde Aug 26, 2020

Google Assistant (and other digital assistants like Bixby, Siri and Alexa) gives you the upper hand to control your smart devices. This hands-free voice feature helps you take control of notifications, calls and music with the power of your voice. Especially when you’re on the go, digital assistants can be really useful, giving you voice-based guidance, without you having to touch the phone. 

Exploring PLAYGO Headphones with Google Assistant Support

All World of PLAY’s Bluetooth 5.0 headphones also come with voice assistant integration. While these digital assistants are designed to add convenience on multiple accounts, here are 5 top-of-the-head uses of these voice assistants, which we think truly 

1. Play your Favourite Music on-the-go

No matter where you are, just ask Google Assistant to play your favourite YouTube or Spotify playlist. It will automatically search within the app and play that for you. Similarly, you can use it for checking out the latest podcasts. Just say, “Ok Google, play the latest TED podcast on Youtube.”.

2. Read the Latest News

This is Google Assistant’s recent update. With the PLAYGO headphones on, you can pull up a news article on your smartphone and tell it to read it out aloud. It is not like the usual software reading voice. It takes care of articulations and presents pauses when there is a full stop or a comma in the article. It sounds very natural and is more or less like an audiobook. The PLAYGO BH70 headset, with its hybrid active noise cancellation feature, catching up with the latest news will be easy even when you are travelling in a crowded metro.

3. Check for Weather Updates

When you are about to head out, you don’t have to look into the weather updates on your phone. Just ask Google Assistant, “Ok Google, do I need an umbrella today?” It will give you a brief weather forecast instantly.

All of our headphones come with sweat and water resistance. This really helps when it is raining and you are stuck outside your home. A little drizzle won’t affect the headphones. However, if you think the rain is going to get heavier, ask Google Assistant and get to know for sure.

4. Ask any Question

It can answer your many queries. You can check the latest football score of your favourite team, or if the match is cancelled.

Another use of the Google Assistant is the direction map. Let’s say, you can tell it to give you directions when you are driving somewhere by yourself. Looking at the map every time is distracting. You can wear our headphones and get all the directions told to you in real-time.

5. Schedule your Day

Given that you have a busy lifestyle, you may forget to call someone or miss a meeting. You can use Google Assistant to remind you of what you have scheduled for the day. Just tell it to mark on your Google Calendar and be updated timely.

Google Assistant: How Does it Work With Our Wireless Headphones?

Using Google Assistant is super easy with the PLAYGO headphones. For the in-ear Bluetooth headphones, PLAYGO N20 and PLAYGO N23, you can activate voice commands with a simple press of the multifunction key. The same goes for the PLAYGO BH70 headphones as well.

Google Assistant: Make your Life Easier with PLAYGO Headsets

Now that you know how to activate Google Assistant on your headphones, enjoy the hands-free experience better.

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