Recharge Your Body With the Following Activities

By Kartikeya Rokde Jul 26, 2020

Come Saturday and you are still reeling under the week gone by? Does the week feel like one big blur of activity? Are you snapping at your loved ones when all they want is your attention? Could fatigue well be your middle name? If your answer to any of these is 'yes,' it's time to look at how to recharge your battery after a long week. If you thrive on being busy and productive all the time, soak in the idea that rest can also be a productive thing to do. Here are simple ways you could bring back your mojo after a stressful week:

1. A Warm Bath

There’s nothing quite so relaxing as a warm bath particularly before going to bed. Let that warm water work as a mini-massage on your neck, shoulders, and back. That it ensures that you get that much-needed sleep is an added perk!

2. Put on Your Walking Shoes

No better way to press the reboot button than to slip on your walking shoes.  Take in the fresh air and see yourself breathing out a lot of your stresses. Soak in the sights and sounds of nature and feel your brain shift to a calmer state. Better still follow a walking meditation practise to quieten the mind. You will also enjoy the health benefits that come from physical activity.

3. Musical Soiree

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean buying that expensive ticket for that rock concert. You could simply get your noise-cancelling headphones in place, play your favourite track and be transported to a world of melody. Odds are your exhaustion will be a thing of the past once your musical soiree is over.

How to recharge your body

4. Spend Time With Loved Ones

Recharge your batteries by spending time with family and friends who pull you up. That those warm hugs will release dopamine in the brain and fill you with wellbeing and happiness, is a given.

5. Cooking is Therapy

A creative outlet, cooking is also a great de-stressor. Bake that bread or simply fix yourself some simple comfort food. If you are cooking for people you care about, you will also be nourished by their appreciation. Food for thought, do we hear you say?

6. The Joy of Giving

The answer to how to recharge your battery also lies in giving to people around you. It need not be a huge donation to charity. Simply doing some random acts of kindness will bring all-around joy. Think of spending a day at a homeless shelter, writing a letter to a friend, helping a neighbour with supplies, the list is endless.

7. Journaling

Writing can be extremely therapeutic. Jot down all your thoughts and benefit from the release of emotions. You will be surprised how journaling can also help you hash out that errant issue that’s been bothering you for a bit. 

8. De-clutter Your Life

If your mind seems cluttered, odds are it is a reflection of your life. With a little cleaning and de-cluttering, you will feel a lot less overwhelmed. Think of that crowded computer table or that messy cabinet. By clearing it up, you will not just get a clean space but a clear mind as well. Next time you are in binge-watch mode, Tidying up with Marie Condo on Netflix, could give you that added inspiration.

So go ahead give your batteries a quick recharge. Better still, incorporate these activities as a part of your lifestyle and feel the difference.

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