Two High-Tech Workout Partners You Can Depend On

By Kartikeya Rokde Jul 26, 2020

When it comes to improving the efficacy of your workout, there are two devices that stand out. Sure enough, these then are every fitness enthusiast’s go-to devices. We are talking about the best gym earphones and state-of-the-art smartwatch to track your activity. 

Why you need a Fitness Band

Here are the many ways that can make pumping the iron more effective. 

Set Fitness Goals

Planning is an important aspect of a workout regime. That is exactly what the best smartwatch for working out does for you. You can set your target weight, calories to be burnt, steps to be taken and more. That done, you can count on this high tech equipment, which in turn is linked to a fitness app, to make all your stats available to you at the click of a few buttons.

Optimize your Workout

The one thing that you want your workout to be, is to be optimal. You do not want to underuse or abuse your body. What that means is that you need to work out within your target heart rate zone. Now, this is a task that your workout partner, namely your smartwatch is up to. Set the target heart rate zone during exercise and ensure that neither are you straining yourself too much nor are you working out at a very low intensity. 

Best earphones for working out

Challenge Yourself

One advantage of using exercise tech in your workout regime is also that you can continuously challenge yourself. Not only are all activities being logged and made available to you through handy reports by way of an app, what you also have is the ability to better your personal best.

Swim to Fitness

Not everyone’s idea of exercise is sweating it out in the gym. If for you swimming is the way to health, water-resistant smartwatches are a must-have. They ensure that your swimming stats are recorded and delivered to you and you do not find yourself waiting when it comes to data to monitor your fitness. This is true of other sports as well, as the best smartwatch for working out, comes with a multi-sports tracking feature.

Sleep your Way to a Power-Packed Fitness Session

Last but definitely not the least, if you want your workout to be effective, you also need to be well-rested. You can count on your smartwatch and the associated fitness app to track whether you are getting adequate hours of sleep and deep sleep at that. The necessary lifestyle changes to correct any anomalies, mean that you can pack a punch when it comes to your workout. 

Why you Need a Wireless Headphone

If a smartwatch is essential in your fitness arsenal, so is a pair of best gym earphones. A good pair of earphones, can not only make your fitness regime that much more fun, but it can also improve your performance significantly. Here is how:

Best earphones for working out

Pump Up the Jam

When you are focused on your fitness plan, you certainly don’t want any distractions. Those noise-cancelling wireless earphones are just what you need to keep that peppy music or that inspirational podcast going in your ears. The immersive audio experience makes them the best earphones for working out as they help you improve your performance and also keep the perception of pain at bay. 

Concentrate on your Workout

With 24 hours plus battery life, you do not need to worry about your headphone dying on you as you get into workout mode. An auto- pause and play feature also ensures that you continue to listen and workout from exactly where you had left it. The fact that you can seamlessly switch between high-quality music experience and taking calls also means that your workout does not have to be put on hold. Now for a multi-tasker that sure is good news!

Large Operating Range 

Add to this, the fact that you don’t have to worry about tangled wires or keeping your mobile phone on your person, and you sure have a winner on your hands. An operating range of up to 10 meters means that whether you are on the treadmill or running across the field, the operating range of your earphones allows you to focus fully on your fitness regime. 

Go ahead and strengthen your workout resources and see yourself whizzing towards your fitness goals.

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