Getting Your Right Fit With Earphones

By Kartikeya Rokde Sep 04, 2020

When it comes to the choice of earphones, comfort ranks high on the parameters for selection. Not without reason. If you have to have something rest in your ears, it better not cause you discomfort and continually reminds you of its presence. There is no way you want to be left with an earache after listening to your favourite music

The answer to how to wear earphones is really to look for a snug fit both for comfort as well as to allow external noise to be blocked out.

Ear Tips for Earphones

Getting your right Fit with Earphones

The design of the ear tips is a crucial aspect to look for when it comes to the choice of earphones.  A half-in ear design, for example, lends itself to all-day comfort wear. For the same reason, silicone ear tips are preferred. That silicone also tends to be more durable than its foam counterpart is an added perk! 

The other aspect that adds to your wearing comfort is the weight of the earbuds. There is no way you would be happy to have too much weight resting on your ears. It is important, therefore, to look out for lightweight earbuds. With earbuds as light as 3.5 grams available, you really are spoilt for choices! Just in case you are wondering if the light in weight can mean heavy on tech, the answer is a resounding yes!

Above everything, remember that the ear tips you choose should form a strong seal in your ear. Small ear tips tend to compromise on the sound quality, as they cannot form a firm seal while larger ones come with the fear of slipping out just as you start to groove to your favourite song. The right ear tip will not just ensure comfort but also provide better noise isolation and increased clarity of sound.

How to Put Earphones in Ear

An important aspect of the great listening experience is also how to actually wear the earphones. The simple answer to how to put earphones in-ear is that they should allow sound to travel directly into your eardrum. That would make wearing them at a 90-degree angle, effective!  A good way to ensure that the earphones do not come in the way of your listening pleasure is that you put them deep in the ear canal. As long as you can hear correctly and you do not feel too much pressure anywhere on your ear, you know you have got it right.

Sometimes the answer to in-ear earphones not fitting is also that you have missed seeing the letters  “L” and “R” which indicate which earbud should be worn on which ear. With the treble typically being more pronounced on the left side, inadvertently exchanging them comes in the way of great sound quality.

So there you are, with these tips in place, your perfect earphones are just a click away. With your queries on how to wear earphones answered, here’s to a perfect listening experience!

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