PLAY Tips: How to Avoid Losing Your Earbuds

By Akshara Bala Nov 20, 2020

Earbuds are small and easy to carry around, agreed? But there is nothing quite as disarming as not being able to locate them just when you’re in the mood to groove. Let’s face it, all proud earbud owners have been in this place before! If you have googled “how to stop losing earbuds” several times in the past and yet continue losing your earbuds, it’s time for some change in strategy. Luckily, as the proud makers of the PLAYGO T20 true wireless earbuds and PLAYGO T44 ultralight wireless earbuds, we have some expertise in this area. 

Top Hacks to Find your Earbuds

1. Retrace your routine to find your earbuds

To cut to the chase, you're probably skimming through this article frantically for a way to find your lost earbud. For starters take a deep breath. Hone in a little control and try to retrace your routine. Meaning, thinking through when you had your earbuds last and where you have been since then. 

Protip: The most seemingly unlikely places can sometimes yield results. Think of the kitchen slab, your cupboards, desk drawer, etc. This is sounding more like commonsense than a hack, do try it. 

2. Earbuds Tracker

If the above sounds like too much work and does not quite appeal to the tech enthusiast in you, a tracker app is your go-to resource. There are a lot of options to explore. For instance, the tile tracker is a small tracking device that can be placed on your earbuds’ charging case. The tile, in turn, connects to your phone through an app. When you do end up misplacing your earbuds, all you need to do is take to the app and let it locate the earbuds for you.

Top Hacks to Stop Losing your Earbuds

Here are a few tips to not only stop losing your earbuds but also on how to store earbuds without damaging them. 

1. Mindfulness: Verbal Phrasing for Memory Reinforcement

We agreed that it’s easier said than done, but, by paying attention to where you are keeping your earbuds in the first place, it is easier to stop losing them. So, the next time you put the earbuds on that side table, make a mental note that your earbuds are on the side table. Doing that and reflecting on it for a moment, will help encode that information in your brain, enabling you to retrieve it easily. The verbal phrasing can go a long way in creating a strong memory, much like a bookmark that enables you to pick up exactly where you left it. 

2. Have a Designated Place

It also works well to make a habit of keeping them in one designated place. It could be on a side table or in your bag. That way, of course, you can conveniently reach out to them without going through the agony of trying to run high and low looking for them. 

PLAYGO T20 Wireless Earbuds
The PLAYGO T20 Wireless Earbuds come with an ergonomically designed charging case: Small enough to make it pocket friendly, yet stand out in the “crowd”. 

3. Have the charging case in its place

It is always a good idea to put your wireless earpods in their case when you aren’t using them. Not only is it safe from being lost, but it’s also a safe way to store your earbuds without damaging them. You can even invest in attractive case skins or covers. These are available in bright colours making your charging case (and earbuds) stand out, therefore, losing them becomes that much tougher. 

We hope these tips keep your buds safe and sound, whether you are using the PLAYGO T44 or PLAYGO T20 Wireless Earbuds or not!

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