Connecting your Wireless Headphones to Your Smart TV

By amrit shergill Jul 26, 2020

Wireless headphones can make TV watching sessions discreet and a lot more comfortable. So, naturally, you’re probably wondering about wireless headphones for TV. We usually don’t dabble in the technical how-tos but we’ve got a lot of questions regarding this. So, let’s get connected! 

Wireless Headphones for TV: How to Connect

Connecting your Bluetooth wireless headphones to TV is really easy, especially if you own a new-gen model. Here’s how

1. Is Your TV Bluetooth Compatible?

First things first, you need to ensure your TV allows Bluetooth connection. New age Smart TVs come with wireless technology built, so you can easily use wireless headphones for TV watching. Pairing is also made easy with the on-screen display. If you still wish to use your old TV with Bluetooth headphones, you can easily do it. Get a Bluetooth audio transmitter which can be connected to the headphone output on your TV.

We recommend a  good pair of wireless headphones like the PLAY GO BH70 that comes with Bluetooth version 5.0. This is the latest version that offers a great range of 800 feet and a faster transmission speed than the previous versions.

Connecting your Wireless Headphones to Your Smart TV

Setup wizard on the World of PLAY PLAYGO App for easy connectivity

2. Let’s Connect

Go to your TV’s audio settings in the Menu section. Also, remember to switch on your Bluetooth headset’s power key. With all of our wireless headphones, you just have to crosscheck the names on the TV before pairing. In case, they need a passkey, type ‘0000’. Once they are successfully paired, it is done. If you’re using an adaptor, the process is pretty similar to connect your wireless headphones. 

Wireless Headphones for TV: Connecting Radio Frequency and Infrared Headphones

Many also prefer radio frequency headphones. But, these require those analogue RCA sockets to be connected and also they are mostly battery-operated. As you know, modern TVs don’t have external outputs. It can be a bummer then! Moreover, these will pick up other frequencies generated by your microwave and other electronic items.

Also, with infrared headphones, the way to connect is the same as the radio frequency ones. These come with an external transmitter that needs to be connected to your TV. Moreover, these will have interference issues.

Wireless Headphones for TV: What’s Right for You! 

We’d always recommend a pair of Bluetooth wireless headphones over RF and infrared, due to the reliable connectivity. There a lot of people who complain about the noticeable audio lags with Bluetooth headphones. However, this is only true for the outdated 4.x versions. Thankfully, as mentioned earlier, the 5.0 version of this wireless technology balances the lag.

Good Wireless Headphones for TV is the Icing on the Cake!

Remember that Bluetooth headsets need to be charged for continuous sound! A good pair of wireless headphones for TV use should last you at least 10 to 14 hours.  

If you are looking for bang-for-the-buck Bluetooth headphones, go for our PLAYGO N23 or PLAYGO N20 models. These also come with the v5.0 update. Also, if you go for the PLAYGO BH70 over-the-ear Bluetooth headphones, you will enjoy an immersive sound experience. Our pair comes with advanced AI-algorithm as well as high-grade active noise-cancelling headphones.

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