Why Neckband Headphones are Getting So Popular

By Hamish Patel Jul 28, 2020

The distinctive style of around-the-neck earphone, is all the rage, right? Several “mobile professionals” are sporting these snazzy collar headphones. So, what’s all the fuss about? These not only look unorthodox, but you must also be thinking this must be hard to get used to. The success of neckband headphones truly boils down to three extremely tangible benefits, and these are hard to miss! 

  • Convenience
  • A host of added features
  • Increased Battery life

Ease of Use 

If the mere mention of earphones sends you frantically digging into your handbag or hunting all over your home or workplace, you sure need the convenience of the neckband headphone. With it hanging inches away from your ears, taking that phone call or listening to your favourite song is as easy as it can get. The fact that they do not interfere with your activities or even your exercise regimen makes them a must-have. With neckband earphones, it is also goodbye to those tangled or ripped wires. 

What is more, it also allows for convenient controls right around your neck that are easy to reach.  The fumbling to reach down the headphone cables in search of those buttons and missing a call in the bargain is clearly a thing of the past. Now that’s clever! 

Additional Features of Neckband Headphones

Technically speaking, traditional earphones do not have the space to fit the whole gamut of things required to better the audio experience. Neckband headphones, on the other hand, can house a number of electronics without dragging down your ears on account of the space they offer.  What it means is a host of additional features like reduced ambient noise, housing enhanced equalisers, better Bluetooth connectivity and voice assistant integration like Alexa, Siri. Convenience got a new name in these neckband headphones!

Improved Battery Life

With wireless headphones, every minute of your battery life is precious and you are always worried about being left high and dry with a drained battery. Neckband headphones may come with some extra real estate around your neck, but they also come with an extremely tangible benefit- improved battery performance. These collar headphones come with a dual battery, which not only charges in under 2 hours but can take a mammoth 20 hours of music playback time and 180 hours of standby time. Worrying about a drained battery isn’t something you will have to do anymore. Do all neckband headphone come with such a battery performance? We can’t speak for others, but we can vouch for the PLAYGO 20 & PLAYGO 23.  

Why Neckband Headphones are getting so popular 

Neckband headphones might just be your stylish sound solution!

Yet Light in Weight: Neck earphones

If you think the added band is going to drag the sound experience down, then you are wrong. Despite their added functionality, neckband earphones are designed in a manner that they are light in weight, supports movement, without being a huge pain in the neck! The earpieces are lightweight as well, as most of the artillery is on the neckband. It’s indeed a perfect marriage of comfort and functionality!

Neckband Headphones: A Style Statement

There is no reason to think that neckband earphones look like a human collar. In fact, if anything they make a bold statement with their snazzy colours and immaculate design. That they scream “I am on the go” is an added perk! Be it gym or travel, its cool accessory to sport, because let’s face it, wires sure drag you down, literally and figuratively.  

Closing Thoughts: Collar Earphones

If you thought buying neckband headphones will mean breaking your bank, you need to think again! With sleek neckband headphones that offer Bluetooth 5.0, 110mAh battery, dynamic speakers, enhanced bass and more, available for under ₹2,000.00, you couldn’t ask for more! Yes, we are talking about the PLAYGO N20 and N23, what else could we possibly be leading to? Need we say more? 

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