Ever Wondered How Bluetooth Headphones Work?

By Hamish Patel Jul 26, 2020

In our hands-free life, you can’t rule out the convenience, portability and functionality of wireless headphones. You can take calls and listen to music hands-free by simply pushing a button (or two). Hasn’t life given you a lemon now!? However, not all wireless headphones run on Bluetooth technology. We know the one-too-many headsets that come with different kinds of wireless technology can easily overwhelm you. So, how does Bluetooth work? So, make lemonade and in your case, make life easy without a dozen peripherals between you and your smart device.

How Does Bluetooth Work: The Basics

In short, Bluetooth sends and receives radio waves at 2.45GHz, which is a frequency that can only be used with smartphones, television, small electronic household items and some portable medical devices. Not to be confused with Wi-Fi, it works on short distances and uses the least amount of power.

Wanna dig deeper?

If you weren’t aware, Bluetooth works on the master and slave concept in the complex world of electronics so that data is sent and controlled from one place to another. Bluetooth devices connect through three stages as seen below:

1.  Inquiry Scan (of the Slave Device)

When a Bluetooth headphone pair (the slave) is switched on, it has to be discovered by the master device, i.e., your smartphone or laptop. For this, your headphones send the request and your smart device will respond with the Bluetooth system headphone name.

If you have our PLAYGO N23 Bluetooth wireless in-ear headphones, the same name will appear on your smart device once you tap on the Bluetooth option.

2. Connecting (also Called Paging)

This is the stage where your smart device gets to know that the inquiry has been sent from the Bluetooth headphones and you need to then tap on the specific name of the pair that appears on the device. Sometimes you may need to enter a password to initiate the connection.

With all our high-tech Bluetooth headphones, you can use the numeric passkey -‘0000’ to establish a connection.

3. Connection

Once paging is successful, your Bluetooth headphones are ready to be used.

How Does Bluetooth Work in Sending Audio from your Phone to your Headphones

Ever Wondered How Bluetooth Headphones Work

Wireless headphones also come with a host of features 

Now that you have kept the wires out of the way, find out how Bluetooth sends and receives audio signals:

  • First of all, the music being played on your smart device is sent to your Bluetooth headphones as a digital signal.
  • Your Bluetooth system headphones convert that digital signal through a digital-to-analogue converter, aka DAC.
  • Then, the DAC sends the converted analogue signal to the Bluetooth headphones.

How Does Bluetooth Work Better than Other Wireless Headphone Technologies: a Brief Showdown

Let’s do away with your confusion once and for all. The two other kinds of wireless technologies that you will come across – infrared (IR) and radio frequency (RF), also offer headphones. However, Bluetooth headphones rule the roost. Here are the reasons why:

When Range and Portability Matter

If you use a TV remote, which works on infrared technology, you will know how infrared wireless headphones work. Yes, this is line-of-sight technology! You should know that they can only cover a distance of 10m. If there is any physical hindrance, the connection would immediately stop. 

Radio frequency wireless headphones cover a large distance of 100 feet. Wow, isn’t that great! But, they are bulky in nature and require a radio frequency transmitter or docking station and an RCA adapter cable. Not really for using with smartphones when you are always on the move.

Bluetooth wireless headphones are more preferable then. The updated version, Bluetooth 5.0, covers a greater distance of 800 feet and uses even low energy on the master device. Check out our Bluetooth wireless headphones which come with this latest update.

‘To be or Not to be’ Secure

Radio frequency headphones indeed have a good range. But they are always prone to interference issues, irrespective of the distance. Just so you know, any device transmitting electromagnetic signals can interfere with the audio signals sent to the RF headphones.

On the other hand, with Bluetooth headphones, you won’t face any other interference. Only the paired devices will be transmitting data at one time.

Enjoy the World of Stereo by Knowing How Does Bluetooth Work

We hope you now have a better idea of how headphones and earphones work with Bluetooth connection. With this brief know-how, you can make a smarter purchasing decision in the near future. Do check out our high-quality and portable Bluetooth wireless headphones, and see how they complement your fast-paced lifestyle.

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