Sharing Wireless Earphones? Keep Hygiene in Check!

By Hamish Patel Jul 26, 2020

It is tempting to show off your new wireless earphones or a wireless headset to your friend. But sharing them is unsanitary for both of you. One study revealed 92% of ear swabs from individuals who shared earphones contained harmful bacteria. Another research by Kelly Reynolds showed earphones increase ear bacteria by 11 times. Sharing them doubles the chance of ear infections. They are never cool, to begin with. Like it or not, your ears are at risk even when you don’t share your earbuds. Find out how you can keep your ears and your ear buddies away from unsafe microorganisms.  

Wireless Earphones & Headsets: Sharing is Not Caring!

1. Upsets the Bacteria Flora Balance

The bacteria flora balance is unique to every individual’s ears. These microorganisms present inside the earwax safeguard you from getting ear infections. They also protect the eardrum from dust and dryness.

When you put on wireless earphones, they trap the moisture and heat inside the ear canals. This lets bacteria and other microorganisms to survive. When you put on someone else’s earbuds, the bacteria flora balance is disrupted. Your earwax then is not able to fight the alien bacteria putting your ears at a greater risk of infection.

2. Contract Other Infections

Sharing wireless earphones or wireless headset is not safe when the other person has the flu or a cold. The cough droplets stay in the hands. There is also a high possibility of some form of ear infection when a person is going through the flu. Sharing earphones can transmit it easily.

You can also welcome lice by sharing headphones with someone. You never know if the other person is carrying it. Lice stick to headphones and they are hard to get rid of.

Wireless Earphones Care: Measures to Keep Them Germ-Free

Just as it is not safe to let others use your headsets, it is important to keep them clean. Fortunately, our neckband in-ear headphones, PLAYGO N23 and PLAYGO N20 have easy to clean surfaces.

Here is what you can do to maintain proper hygiene:

  • Disinfect Before and After Using Them

You should get the right cleaning agents. Isopropyl alcohol is one mostly used cleaning solution. Get a cotton swab and put it inside the bottle. Allow it to dry a little and then wipe the dirt from the cups.

  • Take Out the Earwax from Wireless Earphones

Earwax tends to stick to the insides of the cups of in-ear headphones. Take some time to remove them after use.

  • Keep Them in a Cool Dry Area of the House

A cool dry place in your house will prevent bacteria growth on the ear cups. Also, make sure to keep them away from dusty surfaces and handbags. Both are breeding grounds for bacteria.

  • Use Disposable Covers

You will find cheap disposable covers for headphone cans everywhere. These find their use in many instances including museums, flight simulations and others. You just have to make sure not to reuse them.

  • Don’t Wash Them

The best wireless earphones are waterproof. That doesn’t mean you can wash them with water. These can withstand sweat at most. Using water to clean them can damage the inner circuitry.

Never Share your Wireless Earphones or Headset

Earphones and headphones are made for personal use only. So, use them that way.  With these tips above, you will never risk an ear infection with your favourite Bluetooth headset.

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