Headphones vs Earphones: An Earful Discussion

By Hamish Patel Jul 26, 2020

The ongoing discussion on which is better – your traditional earphones or the modern headphones, has been raging in the tech world for quite some time. However, a headphones vs earphones comparison is unfair because comparing apples to oranges never made for a sound debate (pun intended, get it!).

For instance, if you are looking for portability and light-weight products then earplugs are a viable option. However, if audio quality and performance are your sole criteria, then headphones should be your natural choice. But you already knew that, there is more to this battle, right? So, let’s get going.

Headphones vs Earphones: Let’s Put the Debate in Perspective!

When looking for a new pair of personal audio electronic device, typically, it’s the trilogy of factors – functionality, application, and cost – that determine what you eventually purchase. Should you go for molecular earphones or stereophonic headphones. However, if you prioritize superior sound quality and less noise, we recommend that you opt for an over-the-head listening device.

Separating the Clutter From Facts

Since headphones cannot enter your ear canal like the traditional earplugs, we know they are certainly more hygienic for sharing with your buddies. But apart from that, what you may not know is this:

Screeshot of PlAYGO headphones
Setting up and optimising your PLAYGO headphones via the Mobile App

1. What’s Out Stays Out

Two things are universally true and you don’t have to be a scientist to know them. Firstly, until and unless you are in the Himalayas, ambient noise always exists. Secondly, they are an irritant and a dampener upon your sound experience. However, headphones use something known as acoustical technology. This tech detects the ambient sound outside the headphones and reverses the sound waves, which immensely heightens your audio experience.

2. Bigger Driver Size Translates into Better Sound Quality

The quality of the sound is largely influenced by the diaphragm, which is indicated by the driver's diameter. The size of the circumaural driver is in the range of 20mm-50mm, which is substantially larger in comparison to supra-aural that have a diameter ranging between 8mm-15mm. This results in even distribution of sound across the ears, resulting in better audio output allowing you to hear the faintest of the sounds.

Ever wondered why DJs across the world prefer using headphones and not earphones? Well, you know now! Still confused about the headphone vs earphone debate. Well, we got more for you.

Headphones vs Earphones: Which is More Comfortable?

Headphones are any day a more comfortable fit than earplugs. Due to the high-quality padding around them, they do not apply pressure on the ear canal nor do they fall out of your ears, giving you an uninterrupted experience for a longer time.

It’s Not all About Performance

Looking for that perfect airport-look, like Deepika or Ranbir? Or the swag of Gen X while going to college? In addition to optimum performance, this is what your headphones can also offer you. Nowadays, they come in different designs and multiple colours, making them chic and classy as well.

In a nutshell, you have multiple aesthetic options to choose from when making a purchase. So, if you are interested in a little photography and have an Insta handle, you can even use them as accessories. After all, you got them, you flaunt them!

Which One to Purchase?

We want to be pitchy here and say that you can consider our very snazzy pair of AI headphones. It is state-of-the-art and has been incorporated with AI-based wireless Noise Cancelling technology. Besides offering value for money, they also come in two colour options, which are medallion brown and graphite grey. The lithium-polymer powered batteries allow you to have a continuous hearing experience lasting easily up to 4 hours and they charge rapidly, something which is important if you have wheels under your shoes and love globetrotting!

Summing up the Headphones vs Earphones Debate

The proof of the pudding lies in eating. Don't go simply by what we say. In fact, sales of headphones registered double-digit growth in 2019. Its demand grew a whopping 300% in 2019 in comparison to 2018, with China and Asian countries leading the pack! So we pretty much sum up the headphones vs earphones debate for you. Enjoy the music experience!

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