Exploring True Wireless Earbuds T20 and T44

By Akshara Bala Nov 27, 2020

Made for discerning users, our recent true wireless offerings come with unrivalled battery life and neat aesthetics. Both PLAYGO T44 and PLAYGO T20 earphones deliver great sound clarity along with a stable fit and fast Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. However, there are some notable utilitarian differences between the two.

Comparing PLAYGO T44 & PLAYGO T20 True Wireless Earphone

1. Sound Quality

Both of our true wireless earphones feature the standard 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response. However, their driver sizes and impedance values differ.

PLAYGO T44 earphones feature an impedance of 32 ohms, while the PLAYGO T20 ones come with 16 ohms. Just for the record - higher the impedance, the clearer is the sound. Similarly, larger driver diameters increase the audio clarity of earphones as opposed to their smaller variety. The PLAYGO T44’s driver measures 10 mm and the latter one’s driver is 6 mm.

Our proprietary EBEL (Enhanced Bass Extra Loud) technology is integrated into both these PLAYGO earbuds, ensuring high audio quality is maintained at all times.


2. Battery life

When you use the PLAYGO T20 earphones with their case, they offer over 16 hours of playback or talk. On a single charge, the stand-alone earbuds, without the case, have a playback of about 4- 5 hours. On the other hand, the PLAYGO T44 earbuds come with 20-hour battery life when used with their case. The charging time is also fast on both, as they feature a C-Type charging port. It takes about 2 hours to revive completely.

3. Call Quality and Design

Each PLAYGO T20 earphone features a silicon microphone. With their -42 dB sensitivity, the microphones are perfectly clear and are integrated well into the design. Each of these buds weighs 4.5 g and they can be worn for long hours due to their silicon cups. These buds come with our in-house technology - Environmental Noise Reduction that automatically removes harsh ambient noises.

On the other hand, the PLAYGO T44 earphones feature a bottom mic with a half in-ear design. Each of them measures only 41 mm with 3.5 g of weight. These earbuds are equipped with natural noise cancellation and binaural sound for optimum call clarity. The integration of the MediaTek chipsets on these PLAYGO earbuds also ensures low power consumption and enhanced sound.

4. Controls and Connectivity

As for the controls, both of these PLAYGO earbuds have similar functions. To answer and hang-up calls, you can tap twice. If you want to reject an incoming call, a long press works.

Coming to connectivity, these true wireless earphones feature the updated Bluetooth 5.0 technology as all of our devices. Both of these earbuds also come with automatic pairing, eliminating the hassle of connecting to your smart device again after charging.


5. Sweat and Dust Resistance 

Our PLAYGO T44 and PLAYGO T20 earphones come with an IPX4 rating. This useful sweat and dust resistance feature ensures longevity despite the inevitable exposure to sweat and light rains.

PLAYGO T44 & PLAYGO T20: Enter the World of Truly Wireless Earphones

When it comes to choosing true wireless earphones, both of our PLAYGO earbuds are feature-packed and affordable without compromising on quality. These are great for everyday use and perform uninterruptedly with their powerful batteries.

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