Comparing PLAYFIT 53 and PLAYFIT 21

By Akshara Bala Dec 21, 2020

Our fitness trackers, namely the PLAYFIT 21 and PLAYFIT 53 wearables offer optimum health monitoring capabilities for the new-age fitness enthusiast. Designed to improve any fitness regimen, both of these sporty-looking trackers pack in a bunch of unique features. However, to cater to different user requirements, these two fitness bands, to some extent, differ from each other.  

PLAYFIT 53 or PLAYFIT 21: A Comparison of their Features

1. Display

Both are fortified with a 0.96” display size, 160*80-pixel resolution and TFT-LCD colour display for ease of visibility under any lighting condition. Instead of a touch screen, the PLAYFIT 21 has a touch button and a personalisable dial face. This button is used for flipping through the different integrated features such as heart rate and sleep monitors and stopwatch, among others. To find out the feature-specific details, simply press the button for 2 seconds.

The PLAYFIT 53, on the other hand, has a 2.5D curved glass. The display is equipped with a touch-sensitive UI to be used for scrolling down through notifications and the different health monitors.

2. Weight and Dimensions

The PLAYFIT 53 band is slightly lighter and larger than its cousin - weighing 22g and not beyond 240mm X 22mm X 13mm in size. The PLAYFIT 21 weighs only one and a half grams more.

3. Battery & Pairing

Both feature a powerful 90mAh battery that keeps them running for up to 10 days. Each of them takes the same time of 2 hours to get fully charged. As for their connectivity, they come with the fast Bluetooth 4.2 support and any smart device, from Android 4.4 and iOS 8 onwards, is compatible with them.

4. Straps

The straps on PLAYFIT 21 are detachable and they are available in purple, black and blue colours. You can remove the band while charging it. On the other hand, PLAYFIT 53 comes with a non-removable dual-tone band in two colour schemes. These bands also feature a matte finish on the blue and black exteriors with red and neon green linings.

5. Additional Features of PLAYFIT 53

Out of the two, PLAYFIT 53 has smart sensors to identify some hand gestures. You can even click a picture by flicking your wrist. Another noteworthy feature of the PLAYFIT 53 is that it offers vibration notification for almost all social media apps connected to your smartphone. However, PLAYFIT 21 allows notifications only from a single app.

Choosing Between PLAYFIT 53 and PLAYFIT 21 Fitness Bands

As you may have noticed, there are some key differences between the two offerings by PLAY. From a price standpoint, the PLATFIT 53 advanced fitness band is available for INR 1,999/-. The PLAYFIT 21 smart fitness band is available for INR 1,499/-. On the whole, both support 14 different sport modes to accurately measure your health and are equally resistant to water and dust with their standard IP68 rating. So, to sum it up, you can’t go wrong with either! 

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