Everything you need to know about headphone ear pads

By Deepak Tiwari Jul 12, 2021

Earpads, usually referred to as ear cushions or simply pads, are an integral component of headphones. Ear cushions come in a variety of forms and sizes, as well as a variety of materials. All of this can have an impact on how well headphones work and feel. The ear pads on your headphones are one of the most critical elements of your headphones. They're crucial not just for the comfort of the headphones while you're wearing them, but also for the audio quality coming out of the speakers. Despite their importance, people don't give them much importance, and even fewer of them, maintain or ensure that they are in good working order.


There are a few reasons why the ear cushions on your headphones are of great significant. First and foremost, they provide comfort and hold. This implies that good ear pads will snugly fit around your head while providing sufficient padding to rest gently against your ears. The more time you spend using headphones, the more you'll notice how nice or bad the ear cushions are. When it comes to the overall feel of your headphones, earpads are critical. Ear pads improve noise isolation and sound quality in addition to offering comfort.


Synthetic Leather

When it comes to getting the most out of your headphones, earpads are essential. Ear pads influence noise isolation and audio quality in addition to offering comfort.
The most typical texture in full-sized headphones earpads is synthetic leather, often known as pleather. High-quality ones are soft and pleasant to the touch, and they last for a long time. The less expensive ones are more plasticky, harder to touch, and more likely to crack and leather falls out over time. Artificial leather is a great noise-isolating material.
Remember that faux leather does not like to be exposed to severe temperatures. Don't leave headphones in direct sunlight or near heat or humidity, for example. If you don't use your headphones on a daily basis, keeping them in a box or pouch is an excellent option. As a result, ear pad degeneration is slowed. PLAYGO BH70 or PLAYGO BH47 is great choice if you'd like to go for Synthetic cushioning. 

Real Leather

Real leather is crafted for more extravagant products, where customers are willing to pay not just for the music, but for the experience too. A few people prefer it because of its unique smell, but real leather has its own set of benefits. It can last longer than a synthetic version if maintained properly.


This is one of the most common ear pad materials, which is commonly seen in gaming headphones. Breathability is a perk of velour ear pads. They are far more breathable than leather. Velour is the ideal option if you need headphones for lengthy listening sessions. Headphone pads are often gentle to the touch and do not cause discomfort to the skin.
They can make the whole listening experience a little brighter and airier because they don't make the finest seal. They are, however, the most difficult to keep up with.
Velour attracts a lot of dust and dirt, especially because it's a porous material, sweat is absorbed quickly inside the ear pads. As a result, if you want to use it for a long time, you should pay much more attention to its maintenance. When you're done using them, wipe them down with a cloth or a shirt, much like leather pads. Allow them to air dry after carefully cleaning them.


Here are some important indicators to look for to determine whether it's time to repair your headphone ear pads:

Rough feel - If, even after your best efforts, the leather begins to feel rough and dry, it has just become too old. It's time for a change.

Extensive Cracks : This will most likely begin in the seams and other areas where the leather is strained the greatest. However, it starts peeling after a while.

Rot - This might appear as stains or patches. It is impossible to get rid of rot. You'll require replacements.

In addition to those indicators, you should look for evidence of wear in the foam padding beneath the leather. The foam could flatten or lose its integrity of the structure, even if the leather lasts. Hence keep an eye out for these indicators.

We aimed to accomplish two things with this guide. First and foremost, to raise awareness about the significance of headphone pads in terms of comfort and audio quality. Second, to instruct consumers on how to care for them, and when its time to replace them. You may significantly improve your audio experience and improve the performance of your headphones by using this advice.

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