Why Wireless Headphones are Worth the Price!

By Kartikeya Rokde Jul 26, 2020

New age technology guarantees you the best of quality in comfort and portability. In the same vein, complete wireless freedom is afoot. Headsets without wires are flooding the market; as quick as smartphones are discarding jacks. In short, wireless headphone fits into our active and fast-paced lifestyle. If you think their cost is a downside, let us clear the air. Here’s why Bluetooth headphones price is higher, and why it’s worth the extra ka-ching!  

Bluetooth Headphones Price: Why They are Worth it!

With in-built features and stronger connections, wireless headphones let you control daily life. Here are three reasons why they are worth it:

1.    Easy to Carry Around

You can carry wireless headphones anywhere. You can forget about winding and disentangling wires every time. You don’t even have to worry about the headphones’ jack twisting inside the pocket. You put them on and pair with your smartphone.

The wireless parts inside the cups or buds are much smaller, as compared to wired headphones. The components are designed to draw lower energy. To integrate them well. So, you have the quality that justifies the cost. 

All Bluetooth headphones are battery operated. A lot of cost goes into integrating a powerful battery that can run for more than 20 hours with a single charge. And, you can’t really put a price tag on convenience, right? 

2.    Additional Integrated Features

The higher price tag on Bluetooth headphones doesn’t just come with wireless connectivity. A bunch of different features is also included.

Earphones generally deteriorate with water contact. Our PLAYGO N23 neckband in-ear headphones have the IPX4 Water-Resistant Rating. This feature alone elongates the wear time. Making them perfect for sweaty workout sessions. Our earphones also have an integrated voice assistant for Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. You can take calls or dial numbers with your voice command.

The backs of these earbuds are magnetic. This prevents them from falling down from the neck. Apart from these, the earbuds have dual speakers for enhanced bass and treble.

Bluetooth headphones price

PLAYGO BH70 comes with advanced AI features like Auto Pause & Play, Touch to talk and much more

Our PLAYGO BH70 Headphones are one up! They come with active not cancelling for uninterrupted playback. They also have AI feature like Auto Pause & Play, and touch gestures to make the experience seamless. And, nothing beats the convenience, right?  

3.    Updated Bluetooth

A good pair of wireless headphones should provide a strong connection. There should be no audio lag. Thanks to the latest Bluetooth 5.0 update, Bluetooth headphones are now able to fulfil this concern. This update also ensures lesser energy consumption. All our Bluetooth headsets come with this version.

Bluetooth Headphones Price: The Bang for the Buck

You can go for a pair of Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth headphones that cost less. But you cannot expect many features nor good quality. The PLAYGO BH70 headphones are priced at Rs.14,999. You will certainly get more features. Check them out:

  • These are equipped with active noise cancelling. There are four different microphones for it. They constantly check the outside noise signals and adjust your listening experience accordingly. The extra padded layer aids in passive noise cancellation.
  • They are lightweight. The band is high-quality plastic and the ear cups are of leather. These reasons make them comfortable to wear for longer durations.
  • They have an AI-algorithm, which understands what frequencies the listener cannot hear. It optimises them uniquely for every listener.
  • They have a smart sensor that automatically stops the music when you take them off your ears.

Bluetooth Headphones: Priced for Convenience

Bluetooth headphones are just better. As far as features, comfort, durability and portability are concerned, they will have you covered. Think of it as an investment. Quality models can last you for a couple of years ar the least. When’s the last time you could’ve said the same for a wired pair of headphones. 

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