5 Reasons you Should go for PLAYGO BH70 Headphones

By Akshara Bala Dec 21, 2020

Joining this decade’s wireless revolution, PLAYGO BH70 headphones actively complement the busy modern-day lifestyle. For minimising distractions at airports & stations or being aware of their surroundings while outdoors, they adapt to cancel out any noisy situation. To fine-tune the user’s experience further, these comfy leather-padded cans self-calibrate, resist sweat and offer much more than what meets the eye.

PLAYGO BH70 Noise-Cancelling Headphones: Best Features

1. Adjustable Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation

For optimum noise reduction, the PLAYGO BH70 headphones are equipped with hybrid active noise-cancelling technology. As opposed to a regular headset with only ANC integration, it is able to shield a broader frequency spectrum present in the outside world, ranging from low-end rumbles to high shrills. This feature also extends to the two calling microphones on the cups.

This headset goes a bit further in offering better noise control. You can turn off the ANC feature completely by using the separate ANC button for a natural listening experience with ambient sounds. It is especially helpful when you are listening to music or an audiobook while strolling down a busy street.


 The PLAYGO BH70 Noise Cancelling Headphones comes with a transparency mode that is effective for times when you need to listen to your surroundings

2. Superior Audio Quality With AI and AptX Integration

Our patented EBEL (Enhanced Bass Extra Loud) technology powers the high-output 40mm drivers in the cans. Supplementing the audio’s bitrate efficiency further is Qualcomm’s advanced aptX integration. Together, they offer optimal clarity in audio even when you stream some old low-quality tracks on YouTube or watch films with lesser dialogue volume.

This PLAYGO headset is equipped with AI technology as well. The algorithm is based on your sensitivity to sound, Golden Hearing Curve optimised, which essentially means the hearing curve is based on an individual listener’s feedback. 

3. Smart Sensors for Calls

This wireless pair overcomes the hassle of reaching the phone to attend a call by pausing an ongoing playlist. All you have to do is gently press on the left earcup to listen to the person at the other end. The music won’t stop but its volume will automatically decrease.

4.Uninterrupted Audio With Bluetooth 5.0

For your ultimate convenience, while streaming audio, the PLAYGO BH70 headset features the latest trend in the world of IoT – the Bluetooth 5.0. With it, you can enjoy a smoother listening experience even when these headphones and your smart device are 10m apart. This new version also beats its predecessors with comparatively lesser battery consumption.

5. Comfortable to Sport for 24 to 30 Hours

These sweat-resistant headphones come with a snug fit and are neither too big nor too small. With the powerful 1000 mAh battery, they can run up to 30 hours. With the ANC mode, it will run for an entire day. Charging these Bluetooth cans is also quite convenient with the fast Type-C port.

Using PLAYGO BH70 Headphones Every Day

Our PLAYGO BH70 headset packs in several features that stand up well to the situational demands of your daily schedules. If you are looking for durable active noise-cancelling headphones, this pair will beat others in the market’s current price range.

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