Can Fitness Tracker help prevent a Viral Infection?

By amrit shergill Jul 26, 2020

Facemasks, sanitizers and social distancing are now necessary measures to prevent coronavirus from spreading. But there is no control over anxiety during these self-isolated times. With the world joining hands to fight the virus, new findings are offering a respite. Among the many, some studies have pointed towards using a fitness tracker. They say it can help track the resting heart rate. As an irregular heart rate is symptomatic, the data can very well help predict it. As well as, save you from the on-going mental turmoil!

Fitness Tracker: How it can Predict Viral Illnesses

We would suggest you go for a powerful activity tracker. Let’s find out why having one is important in these unprecedented times:

1. Objective Readings

A report showed that 12% among 41 coronavirus patients in Wuhan, China had some form of cardiac injury. As much as it is a respiratory condition, it is also cardiovascular. Specialists from Harvard Medical Institute also agree upon this concern.

Dr. Asif Munaf, a consultant from UK’s National Health Service also mentioned that a faster heart rate is a potential sign of an infection, which, most likely could be the coronavirus. He further mentions a fitness tracker’s data along with other symptoms can give an objective prediction.

Now advanced activity trackers give a detailed analysis of the resting heart rate. While a general spike won’t obviously mean you have a viral condition. A continuous spike would at least urge you to look into a cause for something. 

2.    Real-time Analysis

So, when there is any viral infection, the sleep cycle and daily activities change. The heart rate also becomes inconsistent. These physiological signs appear a few days before the illness kicks in. 

The data on the fitness tracker can show these changes instantly before one goes to see a doctor.

Can Fitness Tracker help prevent a Viral Infection

You can keep a check on your heart rate using the real-time insights on the PLAYFIT APP

3.    Not Just for Coronavirus But Other Viral Infections

While a vaccine for the coronavirus cure is being developed, curing seasonal flu is a major concern. Studies say the flu can be fatal for those with underlying heart diseases.

It can be deadly for those without any pre-existing heart conditions as well. The virus affects the heart muscle resulting in inflammation and consequent heart failure.

When the flu hits, the resting heart rate goes up. More than the normal 60 – 100 BPM range. With a fitness tracker, it is easy to find out if the resting heart rate is above than the usual.

Fitness Tracker: Get the Best One & Predict the Early Symptoms of Viral Illnesses

An advanced fitness tracker can make your life easy in these times. We would suggest you go for any of the wearables by World of PLAY – PLAYFIT 21, PLAYFIT 53 or PLAYFIT SW75. Each of these comes with a 24-hour heart rate monitor.

Apart from that, these show you if you have slept well. If there is something wrong with your sleep cycle and you may not realise it sooner, they will help. Once you have any of our wearables, download the PLAYFIT app on your phone and keep those daily signs in check.

Fitness Tracker: An Essential Coronavirus Safety Tip

An activity tracker can easily check an inconsistent resting heart rate in real-time. You will be much aware of what other precautionary measures you should take during the quarantine.

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