Best wireless headsets for working out from home

By Krutika Lal Apr 27, 2021

Well it's official, now that we're gonna be back to doing indoor workouts, our motivation will inevitably be taking a dip when it comes to dragging yourself outta bed to pump some muscles at home itself. We've been left with everyday walks or home exercises while in lockdown, and we can't wait to spend time in a proper gym for exercise that doesn't include sweating in your living room next to your WFH desk, which is just causing cabin fever at this point in the pandemic. Exercising has been shown to relieve stress and aid in mental health management, in addition to the physical benefits.

You'd want to make sure your workout gear is up to par if you want to at least try to keep up the exercise routine you've been doing all this time in the gym. And when it comes down to workout clothes and bass music that will get you ready to exercise, we've got you covered on the latter part. If you work out regularly and take your workout routine seriously, you'd recognize the value of getting a good pair of headphones!

We're now going to go through some of the best wired headphones that you can get your hands on right now if you want a seamless and bassfull listening experience:


Why are they awesome?

1. PLAYGO N82 is a powerfully built neckband with a plethora of fantastic features, as well as maximum comfort and a comfortable fit, allowing you to crush your home workout session!

2. Immerse yourself in your music, call or meeting with Active Noise Cancellation with a touch of a single button. The 13mm EBEL drivers are Bass Boosted and offer Enhanced Bass, Extra Loud Audio, and HD sound quality.

3. If you're a die-hard BASS fan, don't worry; you can still activate Extra-Bass Mode with a single button push. The PLAYGO N82 has the best on-board battery management system, allowing for up to 16 hours of PLAYtime.

4. Because of its IPX5 ranking, you can use it in any weather without any worry. With its built-in voice assistant, the N82 allows you to easily manage your smartphone. With Bluetooth 5.0 smart, fast pair is also included.

5. Oh, and don't forget that the earbuds are magnetic and have a tangle-free experience, as well as silicone ear locks for a comfortable fit. They are unquestionably among the best noise-cancelling earphones in this price range.


Why are they awesome?

1. These wireless earphones have an ultra-lightweight build and deliver powerful sound! With a combination of an extremely perfect pitch and crystal clear frequency response, the 10mm drivers ensure a strongly detailed and outstanding listening experience.

2. PLAYGO N20 is comfortable for all and can be worn all day. When not in use, the magnetic earbuds click into place, but if you want to shove them in your pocket, no issues! They even come with tangle-free flat cable, so you won't have to waste time dealing with wire knots.

3. It assures that you hear music in the best way possible keeping you in sync with your home workout! Its quick charging tech charges it to 100% in just 2 hours and keeps you running ready at all times! With an IPX4 ranking and a lightweight, sweat-proof neckband style, this is an excellent option for outdoor activities too! Including gym and sports.


Why are they awesome?

1. This is the perfect place for you if you want a pair of Bluetooth headphones that are compact, comfortable, strong, and stylish at the same time!

2. PLAYGO N33 comes with powerful 10mm EBEL drivers to deliver an Enhanced Bass, Extra Loud audio with HD sound quality.

3. It has a smart Battery Management System that allows up to 12-hours of PLAYtime and prompts you to charge the device when the battery gets low. Because of its IPX5 ranking, it can be worn in any weather without impacting the neckband's output.

4. The PLAYGO N33 is compatible with voice assistants, allowing you to monitor your smart device with ease. The headset can also be used as a remote control for handling phone calls and music. It also has Bluetooth 5.0 for fast and easy pairing. The earbuds are magnetically stuck together when not in use to keep them from swinging around.

Although new year's resolutions might still be slightly relevant, and many of us are trying to keep in shape during this lockdown, having the right headphones will make all the difference in getting the best audio experience.
So get ready to sweat it out while listening to your favourite tunes during home workouts, without worry. Take command of your listening experience with simple controls that let you manage your calls, music, and voice assistants from anywhere at any time!

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