5 tips to save your wired headsets from tangle

By Krutika Lal May 04, 2021

You keep wired earphones neatly bundled and secured in your pocket or bag, with the cable hanging loosely, and ready to use. When you take them out later, the same wires have become a mess that takes time to untangle.
People would clearly state that wearing wireless headphones is the safest way to avoid tangles. You can't disagree with this, well if there aren't any wires or tangles, there won't be any problems, right?
Whether you use wired or wireless headsets day to day is entirely dependent on the purpose of your headsets and your budget. But even then, what if you already have wired earphones and don't want to switch?

Don't worry, we've come up with some quick and easy help hacks for all those who aren't ready to make the transition from the wired to wireless world!

Make the 8

Rather than rolling it like a tangled mess, earphones should be loosely wrapped around fingers and woven in such a way that they do not get tangled or hurt. Begin by wrapping the chord around your fingers. Make sure you leave some length towards the end. Wrap the rest of the length horizontally. Make a knot (bow shape) out of the headphone jack by wrapping it into one end of the string to open.

The binder clip

This is one of the most simple and dual-purpose wrapping methods. You'll just need a binder clip for this. While keeping the speakers out, start wrapping the remaining length of the cable around the metal handle of the clip , and you're set. You may also use it to shorten the cable's length by clipping it to your shirt or bag while listening to music or making phone calls. You can also clip it to your bag/pocket and use it whenever you need it!

Use your phone

You could use your phone as the hack if you run out of stuff to wrap the earphones. Wind the cable around the phone, then tuck the jack into one of the cables. This will not only hold the phone and earphones together, but it will also prevent the mobile from quickly falling out of your pocket or hands. This will ensure that you never lose your earphones while also ensuring that they are always ready and available for use!

Card method

In this method an old credit card, shopping card, or even a piece of cardboard can be used to wrap the earphones. Make a curved cut along the card’s length and punch one hole on one end and two holes on the other end of the card - one for the headphone jack and two for the speakers. Cut a slit in each hole and insert the speaker of your earphones into the two slits.

Braid Em up

This is one of the simplest ways to keep your earphones from tangling. You'll need embroidery threads, scissors, and some patience for this hack. All you have to do now is start tying knots with the thread along the length of the cable. You may also use multi-colored threads to make them appear more personalised. Remember to leave out the microphone part .
This hack will not only improve the cable's longevity, but it will also ensure that it will stay undamaged and less susceptible to getting tangled up on its own, no matter how carelessly you throw it inside your bag or pocket.

Tangled headphones can be very inconvenient and annoying. Hence, follow the given steps listed above to save yourself from the tedious process of untangling! Yet, if you're keen on swinging to the wireless club, check out what the True Wireless Earphones PLAYGO T20 and PLAYGO T44 has to offer!

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