Are Expensive Headphones worth the Money?

By Akshara Bala Jan 25, 2021

Pricey in-ear monitors and over-ear cans guarantee great sound quality, premium comfort and durability as opposed to their cheaper counterparts. Yet, not all expensive earphones or costly headphones meet the performance and design needs of every individual. A high-priced pair may offer the best audio experience but it also can be too cumbersome to carry around outdoors due to its size and weight. Similarly, another headgear can equally deliver optimal audio with large drivers, and even offer great portability and fit for daily use, without burning a hole in your pocket.  

How to Choose Expensive Earphones or Costly Headphones

1. Performance

Over-ear headphones such as our PLAYGO BH70 offer great noise-cancellation in contrast to on-ear models. These feature hybrid active noise cancellation technology powered by our signature EBEL (Enhanced Bass Extra Loud) tech with drivers as large as 40mm and AI algorithm for the best audio experience. Whether you are using them for listening, watching videos or calling, their aptX integration, Bluetooth 5.0 and 24-hour battery life offer the best functionality, especially at their mid-ranged price.

2. Ergonomics

While it may seem over-ear headphones are too bulky or heavy to be portable, it is essential to check out the materials used. Generally, the cost of headphones is largely determined by lighter and durable constituents including the pads. Constructed with a high-grade plastic exterior, the PLAYGO BH70 headset weighs only 300g and feels great with swish leather pads.

3. Comfort and Utility

Among the major factors to consider before investing on costly headphones is how you are going to use them. If you are using a pair for working out, go for in-ear monitors such as our sweat-resistant PLAYGO N33 with silicone ear tips of universal size and a silicone neckband. But, if you need a pair to wear throughout your work schedule attending conference calls and listening to meditative music cancelling out the external cacophony to concentrate, we would recommend our PLAYGO BH70.

On the other hand, you can also check out our PLAYGO T20 true wireless earbuds integrated with our proprietary tech – Environmental Noise Reduction as well as EBEL drivers. They are also particularly lightweight - weighing only 4.5g each. Compared to their highly expensive counterparts, these earbuds are bang for the buck.

Going for Expensive Earphones or Costly Headphones

It is essential to figure out your preferences first with an expensive pair’s performance and overall design rather than simply deciding on the steep headphone pair’s price from a brand you know. Do compare all of our models mentioned above and make a purchase that fits your budget and requirements.

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