IPX Rating Standard Explained. What It Means And Why You Need It

By Deepak Tiwari Jul 06, 2021
We're used to hearing terms like "waterproof," "weather resistant," and a variety of others. While these phrases provide marketers advertisers with a variety of methods to convey their message, they could cause confusion for the majority of the people. Like how well protected are my Bluetooth headphones from rain? Is it okay if I take them to a swimming pool?
Fortunately, these items may be compared using a defined rating scale. The International Electrotechnical Commission's “IEC Standard 60529” is the thrillingly named scale. It's also known by the name, IP rating.


IP refers to "Ingress Protection," and it says how well a device is protected from solid items as well as liquids. It is made up of two digits. The first digit indicates how well the item is protected against solid objects. The second one is about water resistance. Better the guard of the device, higher the rating. If your goal is to be able to use your headphones for working out or outdoors in rainy weather, paying attention to the IPX certification is a good idea. Sweat proof headphones are available abundantly in the market, but you must first grasp what the various ratings signify in order to find headphones that meet your needs.

These ranges indicate how efficient the product's water resistant quality is

IPX0: The product does not provide any water resistance.
IPX1: Water that drops vertically onto the product will not harm it.
IPX2: Can withstand water splashed at a 15° angle or less.
IPX3: Can withstand water sprays up to 60 degrees.
IPX4: Water splashes from any direction aren't really a problem. Can be protected easily.
IPX5: Can withstand a low-pressure water jet spray for an extended period of time.
IPX6: Can withstand high-pressure, heavy water splashes.
IPX6K: Can withstand exceptionally high-pressure water jets.
IPX7: Can be submerged for 30 minutes in water up to 1 metre deep.
IPX8: Waterproof to a depth of 1 metre. The manufacturer specifies the exact depth.
IPX9K: At close range, resists high-pressure, high-temperature sprays. A particularly unique situation that is regulated by a different set of rules. This term is rarely used.

The most common blunder made by purchasers is confusing IPX4 headphones with waterproof headphones. Some manufacturers use misleading descriptions to give the impression that their products are waterproof when this is not the case. As a result, you should make it a practise to look at the precise IPX rating rather than the claims mentioned in the headphone specifications.

The IPX0-IPX3 ratings are not ideal for exercising, while the IPX4+ certification is ideal for sports and working out in rainy weather or wet conditions. The IPX5-6 rating is suitable for purchasers who wish to use their headphones in the shower but not in the pool. Finally, purchasers wishing to utilise headphones in the pool should search for an IPX7 rating, preferably an IPX8 rating.

You should be aware that there is no such IP certification as "sweat resistant," however most devices labelled as "sweat resistant" are actually splash proof (IPX4 certified). If you really want the maximum possible protection, seek for an IPX7 (totally waterproof device) or even an IP67 rating (fully dustproof, fully waterproof).
When reviewing IP and IPX ratings, keep in mind that if there is a hyphen between the IP (or IPX) and the number, the grade is fraudulent or invalid. Don't believe the manufacturer if you come across something like IPX-7 or IP-68. This IP/IPX rating is invalid. Although it could also be a mistake, you should remain cautious.

What is the best IPX rating ??

The IPX6, IPX7, and IPX8 classifications provide the highest level of water resistance. You should opt for a different IPX rating according to your requirements and usage. If you want to go swimming, you'll need a device that can be submerged in water (IPX7 or IPX8).

If you're looking for new headphones or earbuds IPX ratings are unquestionably helpful. Understanding their meaning allows you to be a better informed buyer and ensures that the things you buy provide adequate water protection for the activities you participate in.

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