Why headphones are important for gaming

By Deepak Tiwari Sep 28, 2021
Whether you're a die-hard PC player or a console newbie, your mates will eventually grow tired of the sounds and gunshots from your video games. You may well have a good pair of headphones and a camera with a microphone to meet your gaming needs, but it's usually convenient to get everything in one place. This is where the gaming headset enters the picture.
It works wonders and doesn't make you feel like it's squeezing your head.
Gaming headsets are only relevant if you require a headset with all of the capabilities you require for your gaming experiences. They aren't always as good as ordinary headphones when it comes to audio quality. They're frequently pricey, and there are usually cheaper alternatives.

One of the most crucial factors to consider when purchasing over-the-ear headsets, especially for gamers, is how they fit on your head. A bad fit can be pretty painful if you're going to play for long durations, which means you won't be able to give your full attention to the game.

Although it may appear to be alright at first, heat and sweating can accumulate with time. Even a mild irritation can feel dreadful after an hour or so. Neck problems might be caused by a little excess weight in the incorrect place. Sore ears or full-blown headaches might result with slight pressure in the band.

Design and build quality

The majority of gaming headsets are built of basic plastic. It's critical to get a headset that feels solid. It's perfect if you can get something with a metal frame. If you're stuck with plastic, look for something with enough range of motion to cater for your head's shape. Even a small amount of tension or pressure on a headset constructed of cheap or weak materials might add up. When plastic is pushed even slightly, it can make a very loud creaking sound.

Noise Isolation

The audio quality of a headset is heavily influenced by the seal efficiency. Inadequate isolation can drastically alter what you hear, which is especially true for headsets and games that rely on very subtle audio and background noises.

The size and substance of a headphone pad can have a big impact on the seal's quality. If the headphone pad's cushion doesn't form an effective seal right away, give it some time to adapt to your head's shape. If the pad itself isn't large enough to fit around your ear, you should consider upgrading to a larger pair of headphones or replacing the pad with one that has a greater circumference.

For eg: Other sounds such as the sort of gun your enemies are using, the enemy reloading their machine guns, the enemy closing in, and so much more may be heard while playing games like Battlefield or CS:GO.


The mic on a gaming headset is typically disregarded, but there are a few things to consider while going for one. To begin, never get too caught up in the idea of finding a recording-quality gaming headset microphone. Gaming headset microphones have a tendency to suffer in the bass area of the frequency spectrum, making people with very deep voices seem like they're speaking through a tin can. These mics also don't always get much power through their connections, whether they're 3.5mm or USB, so you might sound a little quiet. If you're using Discord or a console voice chat, you can easily fix this in the settings.

Customisation Feature

Remember, not every setup allows you to easily alter the bass, game, and chat audio at the same time. Gaming headsets, on the other hand, have their own set of customising options. Again, not all setups allow for simultaneous adjustment of bass, gaming audio, and chat audio. A conversation dial and a volume control are standard on most headsets. These dials allow you to adjust the chat and gaming audio levels as desired. It also allows you to change the bass and treble levels according to the game you're playing.

In conclusion, are they worth it?

A decent pair of gaming headphones, as any expert player will tell you, will take your gaming experience to the next level. Normal headphones can assist a little, but if you would like to be a professional player, you must prioritise audio quality. There are a plethora of gaming headsets available right now. The cost of various models varies. If you're on a tight budget, there are many solutions available.
So, are gaming headsets a good investment? Is it true that they make a difference? Yes, without a doubt!

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