PLAY’s EBEL: What You Need to Know About Enhanced Bass Extra Loud

By Akshara Bala Jan 25, 2021

You don’t need us to say that music without bass is hollow, right? If you’ve ever heard a song with bass, you’ll know that music seems complete only when bass is rounded up and enhanced. Bass ensures a superlative listening experience by delivering that extra thump to heighten sound.  Loud ambient noise can easily seep through your regular headphones and veil the “bass effect”. To mask this external cacophony, high volumes are never ideal for the ear drums. PLAY’s EBEL technology takes you on an immersive audio experience, with pronounced bass and natural loudness. Every bass drop and rhythmic silence is controlled by its dynamic clarity, immersing you completely, no matter where you are. 

What is EBEL: The Science

EBEL stands for Enhanced Bass Extra Loud. Keeping the music groove punchy, this signature technology fine-tunes the low end of the EQ curve that lies between the audible-to-human-ears frequency spectrum - 20Hz to 20kHz. The lower frequencies lie between 20Hz and 200Hz while the higher registers start around 1-4 kHz and go up to 20kHz. Now, the bass you would hear with EBEL technology would sound fuller and tight, but never muddy which is otherwise the case with too much bass-boost.

1. The Sound Signature 

When it comes to volume, EBEL makes a lot of difference to headphones and earphones than an average pair. The loudness of sound that is measured in decibels is not too high to clip the audio signal. It is compressed gently, which leads to a deeper and wider sound with rounded low end. Combined with hard-hitting bass and optimised loudness, EBEL makes listening to 21st century music characterised by pulsating beats and massive low end simply fulfilling and more immersive.

2. Does Hardware & Firmware PLAY a Role?

PLAY’s signature technology further works mutually with the cutting-edge chipsets and drivers of good sizes that are integrated with its models. For instance, PLAY’s PLAYGO BH70 wireless headset is embedded with the latest chipset of Qualcomm Technologies Inc. and Bluetooth 5.0 that make latency negligible, irrespective of Android or iOS devices. Along with drivers that are 40mm in size, the audio output becomes even better with EBEL integration.

Uniform Consistency in Audio Clarity With PLAYGO

All of PLAY’s wireless earphones and headphones with EBEL technology have differences in audio outputs but the audio quality remains the same with rich bass and maximal loudness. The difference in sound is mainly due to the driver sizes. You can sport our latest PLAYGO N82 model that features a 13mm driver and compare it with PLAYGO BH70 headphones with 40mm drivers. The clarity will remain the same on both regardless of the music you listen to.

1. EBEL With Other Technologies of PLAY

The EBEL technology works in conjunction with different features of the recent PLAY’s variants such as Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), AI algorithm, and the brand’s latest foray – Environmental Noise Reduction (ENR). PLAYGO BH70 features hybrid active noise cancellation that adapts to different environments automatically. The AI algorithm on these cans further detects and optimises the frequencies that the individual listener normally does not hear. With EBEL technology, the audio output is significantly richer.

2. How PLAY’s Models Have Evolved With EBEL

PLAY’s earphones and headphones are also made for different types of users with an active lifestyle. The latest PLAYGO N33 in-ear wireless neckband  features Environmental Noise Reduction that detects the external noise and passively reduces it. If you prefer a natural listening experience, this model is comfortably ideal. However, it does not mean that you would be bothered by the outside noise. The inherent loudness provided by the EBEL technology would take care of it.

PLAY’s Vision in Audio Excellence Through EBEL

Appropriating the need for optimal loudness in headphones and earphones, EBEL makes sure the outside world does not bother you in any situation. Along with this, PLAY’s commitment to provide up-to-date technologies in every model will make every track on your playlist memorable.

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