Ways to Use a Fitness Band When You Travel

By Kartikeya Rokde Jul 25, 2020

Be it travel for work or pleasure, your routine takes a huge hit. This means, shifted sleep cycles, missed workout routines & added calories thanks to erratic diets. So, losing track of your healthy lifestyle is a given! Enter, a good fitness tracker. The one tool you definitely need to take the guesswork out when you travel. Here’s how you can put the tracker to good use to stay healthy on-the-go! 

Track Sleep

Travel can be exhausting and it’s easy to lose track of time. Between early flights and busy schedules, its safe to assume that catching a snooze was not on the itinerary. Of course, vacations are a different ball game. But how many times have we been keen on hitting all the hotspots that we hardly have time to relax. A fitness band can come in handy to give you information on the number of hours you have been able to actually sleep. Especially if you are travelling through time zones, this can come really handy. Your body will definitely thank you for it!

Take those Steps

After a long day, it is the comfort of your plush room beckons you, not the high-end hotel gym. Who uses a hotel gym anyway! Your fitness tracker can give you some hard numbers on the steps that you have (not) taken. Just the nudge you need for a late-night jog. You are on a break, so we’ll cut you some slack. How about exploring the city? The steps are just a bonus. 

On the other hand, if you’ve already managed to clock the day’s goal, you can call it a day without the guilt gremlin nudging you. Alternatively, continue to step it up, perhaps travel can be your excuse to see how far your body can travel. Either way, a fitness tracker is all you need to get you going or slow you down!

Count your Calories on your Fitness Band 

Binging on the native cuisine and local beer? After all, on a well-deserved holiday, well, there should be some luxuries! But overindulging might just skew your body, especially if you’ve been on a path to fitness. So, make sure to use a calorie counter to log your food. Also, this is where your fitness tracker comes handy. With some portion control and exercise (basis controlled calories recorded on your tracker), you could still be gorging on that yummy food without added gains! 

A Fitness Band to Keep yourself Healthy

Let us face it, frequent business travel is exhausting, to say the least! Jet lag, changes in time zones, poor sleep, rich food and lack of exercise do not make for a healthy combo. This is when you need the fitness tracker more than ever to track your resting heart rate, sleep schedule, calories consumed and burnt, steps taken and more to ensure that the travel does not cost you, your health! From how much you are sleeping to how much exercise you are getting, there isn’t a better way than to use a tracker, to remain healthy and productive while on the road.

Instant Call & Notification Alert

The best part of wearing a fitness tracker or a smartwatch while travelling is that you remain connected to your family, friends and colleagues all the time. While travelling it happens many times that you keep your phone away to enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature or to get some rest after that lengthy meeting with clients. Our fitness trackers and smartwatch come with Call & Notification alert so that you can also quickly glance at the content of the message or notification. The PLAYFIT SW 75 can also be customised to give you Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and weather updates without touching your phone.

Clearly then, when you live out of a suitcase, if there is one thing that needs to be your constant travel companion, it has to be your fitness tracker! If you are a frequent traveller and are using your tracker for some more benefits, do share them in the comment section and add to your positive karma!

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