8 Reasons to Track Your Fitness Progress

By amrit shergill Jul 25, 2020

Managed to get into a fitness routine? While congratulations are in order, you now need to take the next step in improving your efficiency. If you aren’t already tracking your workouts, that’s one way to oomph up the fitness quotient. Tracking your workout not only helps with the accountability, but it can also help you track your progress and set the tone for improvements. 

Track Workouts for Accountability

A workout log offers accountability. In fact, it is an extremely crucial component in organizing and planning for your fitness goals. Whether you keep a cardio tracker, a weight lifting tracker or want to track running workouts, what you are really doing is keeping a close watch on your overall fitness goals. Clearly, it is only what you measure that you can improve.


The big advantage of a workout log is the accuracy it offers. Clearly it takes the guesswork out of your training regime, as you do not have to strain your grey cells to recall what you did in the previous sessions. In a nutshell, it is the probability of consistent improvement session after session. 

Allows Easy Modifications

Another important reason to track your fitness routine is to be able to make the needed modifications in real-time so that you can achieve all your short and long term fitness milestones

Keeps you Motivated

8 Reasons to Track Your Fitness Progress

When you are dealing with sore muscles, giving up can be easy. Your workout log can be a great motivator to remind you of why you are doing what you are doing, in the first place. The logs can also help you track workouts and activities. If anything, tracking shows you what your limits are and how you can overcome them. In fact, it could give you a high to set targets around these exercises and see yourself surpassing them. 

Track workouts to record weight loss

If your fitness goal is tuned towards weight loss, it is all the more essential to track your workouts to see that the planned milestones are being achieved. A close watch will help you make changes in your exercise regimen so that you are able to keep to your targets.

Track your calories

The one mistake that we often make when we start an exercise regimen, particularly if our goal is weight loss, is to also reduce the calorie intake drastically. Keeping a track of your fitness routine means tracking not just the physical activity but also the calorie burnt so that you are sure that you aren’t making the critical error of reducing it too much. 

Track workouts to Prevent Future Injuries 

Injuries are an aspect of training that cannot be totally done away with. What we can do though, is mitigate its risks. A training record can give you a reliable proof of what the injury occurred on account of and thereby help you avoid it in the future.

Community support

Particularly if you are an extrovert, chances are that a sense of community keeps you motivated and brings out the best in you even when it comes to your exercise regime.  Keeping your workout logs can be extremely beneficial as you could then keep each other going by way of healthy competition. 

The big advantage now is that you need not laboriously take to writing all of this down. All you need to do is to arm your self with a fitness tracker and an app and your workout log can be available at your fingertips. Simply put your exercise schedule on your calendar and then track workouts with actual data. 

Track, so that you don’t slack! Now that sums it all up.

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