What Health Stats Should You Be Tracking?

By amrit shergill Jul 25, 2020

With an increase in technology comes the ability to tap into a wealth of information, helping you track health and overall wellbeing. This doesn’t, of course, mean that you need to drown yourself in figures. 

Yes, everyone is tracking step-count, calories and so much more, and so do you. But ask yourself this - what are the numbers that actually matter when you want to track health & fitness? You’re probably already stressing over non-essential numbers, rather looking at the larger picture. 

Track Health: What’s Important!

The key is to keep an eye on your progress without obsessing over every bit of data that comes your way. Needless to mention that micromanaging too much data, besides not being conducive to your physical health, might be detrimental to your overall fitness goal. 

While you have trackers giving you a kaleidoscope of numbers, there are some very basics to keep a watchful eye on. Our point being, will you rather have your Fitness App help you keep a track of your water intake (yes, there are apps to log your water intake. We aren’t making this up)? Or, be more interested in knowing how many calories you are burning during your workouts? 

Steps Taken to Track Health

With life becoming increasingly sedentary, this is one stat that you need to track daily.  Health professionals recommend taking an average of 10,000 steps each day. Not without reason; this daily activity among other things helps to lower blood pressure, keep weight in check and improve cardiovascular fitness levels. 

Yes, you’ve heard this before. So what’s new? The two-minute walk from your car to your office desk is different than a two-minute spot jog. The number of steps might be approximately the same, but the energy used by your body is so much different. And, that’s the goal really! While 10,000 steps is a goal in itself, make sure you take steps that matter. Depending on your fitness goals, of course, you could decide whether this needs to be by way of a brisk walk, jog or run. 

Heart Rate

The importance of heart rate monitoring cannot be overstated. You could begin with knowing your resting heart rate as you get out of bed in the morning or whenever you are comfortably relaxed. The average resting heart rate (RHR) for people between the ages of 10 and 60 is usually between 60-100 beats per minute. 

To meet your fitness goals, another aspect that you need to track is your Target Heart Rate. Simply put, your target heart rate zone is a range within which your heart should be beating when you exercise, for optimal results. Essentially at the target heart rate, you can be sure that you are exerting yourself at a level intense enough to reap maximum benefits. For general fitness, you can train as low as 50% or as high as 75% of your maximum heart rate as your target heart rate. Experienced athletes, of course, maybe working as high as 80-85% of the maximum heart rate as their target heart rate!

It is important to remember that your heart rate can be impacted by factors such as stress or any medical condition that you may have. It will be prudent to consult with your doctor, should you find anything amiss. 

What Health Stats Should You Be Tracking

PLAYFIT APP can help you track your daily activity, sleep and heart rate.

Sleep Patterns

The key to a healthy life, without a doubt, is sound sleep. Although an average of 8 hours of sleep is recommended, the fact is that our lifestyle impacts both the quantity as well as the quality of our sleep.  In turn, this can lead to a range of issues, including but not limited to depression, the likelihood of obesity or even hyper/hypothyroid. 

This is wear fitness trackers come in handy to track health, helping you track sleep patterns and gain insights. This gives you a solid base to improve your sleep quality. You can try out breathing exercises and quick home workouts to make sure you sleep better. 


Particularly if you are on a weight loss regimen, it will interest you to know the calories you are consuming daily and the quantum being burnt. This information is also crucial for those dealing with high blood pressure, heart disease and the like, helping them make better lifestyle choices.

Using an app that pairs with your fitness band will be a good way to track your health, as it will ensure that all your health information is available at your fingertips. Pro tip- Remember to go ahead and celebrate your successes as much as you focus on the improvement areas! 

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