How to Choose the Right Fitness Band To Match Your Lifestyle?

By Kartikeya Rokde Jun 30, 2020

Let’s lay the fact, plain and simple. You want to buy a fitness band, but you’re spoilt for choice, making the decision so much harder. Here’s a quick look at some of the factors that you need to consider before that fitness tracker can make it to your shopping cart.

Fitness Band vs Smartwatch

First up, you need to ascertain whether your specific requirement is for a fitness band or a smartwatch. The choice is really between:

  1. Whether you want a sleek band that helps you keep track of your workout and overall health, or
  2. An all-in-one device, with a bigger screen to help you stay connected and organized. Where doubling as an activity tracker is a bonus feature!

While there are fitness bands that provide email and call notifications a fitness tracker remains a tracker and not a smartwatch, And, similarly, while there are several examples of smartwatches that have activity tracking capabilities, the broad difference remains.

The bottom line is that each of them offers more functionality in their individual domains. But which one is right for you?

If health is your primary focus, a fitness tracker is a must-have. With the tracker offering features such as counting your steps, mapping your heart rate, tracking sleep patterns, and keeping a check on calories burnt and more, you are sure to meet your fitness goals! In fact, with some fitness bands giving you the ability to download their app on your smartphone, you can have the most comprehensive insights about your health at your fingertips! With a fitness tracker on your wrist, you are saying yes to health and safety!

If you would really enjoy the additional features of answering calls, reading your emails and all the nifty features that come with a smartwatch, then, by all means, go right ahead! We make some really good fitness bands and smartwatch, so feel free to look at your options.

How Intense Are your Fitness Regimes?

Having come to the decision of buying a fitness band, it will help to see what your fitness regime is. This is especially important if you want your tracker to log different types of workout sessions cardio & yoga or want different sports modes like football & tennis.

Fitness Band - PLAYFIT App
Screenshot of Activity Logger on the PLAYFIT App

You also want to look for a band with additional features to support your routines like timers & waterproof built. For example, if your idea of exercise is an invigorating pool workout, then a water-resistant band is essential. Our point being, when you have the option of bands that can take intense workout sessions, you might as well seize the day.

We aren’t stressing about heart rate monitors, because it's kind of become the basic norm. So, if you are still set on getting one without a heart rate monitor, well, go ahead and get that pre-historic piece of tech, we are judging, okay, maybe we are!

Need Water and Dust Resistance?

Our bands happen to be water and dustproof, what else could we possibly be hinting at. Checking for the IP rating of the product works as the gold standard for its efficiency. IP or "Ingress Protection" ratings are used to define levels of sealing effectiveness of electrical enclosures against intrusion from foreign bodies and moisture. The first digit of the IP rating speaks of its intrusion protection, while the second determines its moisture protection capabilities. IP 68 is the highest degree of protection for devices. Meaning, it is fit enough to withstand harmful dust, dirt & sand. And, can also withstand submersion in water up to a depth of 1.5 meters. Similarly, an ATM5 rating would be ideal as it means that the device is waterproof up to a swimming pool depth of 50 meters.

So, check the ATM and IP rating, as it gives you the go-ahead on your adventure streak. Cheers to a free rein, knowing that the dust or moisture will not be able to harm the band.

Price of the Fitness Band

If the price of fitness bands is the one thing that has been stopping you from clicking the “buy now” button, then, there's good news.

There are fitness bands available under 5K with a host of features and high on the style quotient, again we are talking about our bands, obviously! But rest assured, price clearly is by no means an indicator of performance. So, investing in a good fitness band is no longer going to break your bank.

Battery Life

A very important criterion in choosing a fitness band is its battery life. There is no way you would want the device to give up on you, just as you begin your workout. Neither would you want an added task of charging the device every single day. Look for a fitness tracker that allows for an enhanced battery life of 12-15 days for that hasslefree usage.

Minimalistic Design

It may seem tempting to opt for a fitness band with a plethora of features. However, it is far more prudent to choose one that offers features that you would actually use and that comes with a minimalistic design that ensures ease of use.

Robust App Connected with the Fitness Band

The functionality of a fitness band increases manifold when it has an accompanying app that enables you to track data and get powerful insights. Look for one that is compatible with both android and iOS devices for ease of use.

Bragging Rights

For the fashion-forward folks out there, the look and feel of the fitness band will be a definite thing to watch out for. After all, with a stylish fitness band, bragging rights are a given. You may as well get used to those admiring glances that are sure to come your way!

Here’s to you making the right choice and staying on top of your health goals!

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